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09.27.07 01:16 PM

Fonzworth Bentley: Next Generation Fashion Guru

Photo Credit: The New York Times

Lloyd Boston, fashion critic and author of Men of Color, Make Over Your Man, and Before You Put That On, is kind of in a tizzy. He finds his profession being devalued. In fact, The New York Times reports that this is what he feels about it all:

"is increasingly uncomfortable with the direction of his profession, which is being overshadowed by the arrival of similarly self-styled experts who are younger, cockier, snippier, zanier — but not necessarily more qualified to dispense advice on what to wear."

Makes you wonder though, that there is some merit to his claim. Consider Fonzworh Bentley for instance and the trajectory of his career. I think the Times says it best:

"Yes, you will also see people like Fonzworth Bentley, the former umbrella maid to Sean Combs who now comments on style for “Access Hollywood” and has written a new guide called “Advance Your Swagger.” His evangelical devotion to sartorial excellence, to chocolate Ralph Lauren Purple Label suits worn with lavender dress shirts, sounds almost demented, yet Mr. Bentley, who attributes his success to being recognized by important people for his fastidious style, said he is as qualified as anyone to comment on people’s attire."

And can you believe that Fonzworth had the nuts gall to say this:

“It bothers me when I see leading magazines lift up people as being icons of style who are wearing clip-on bow ties,” he said. “It’s ridiculous. This is going to sound a little mean, but I’m going to go ahead and say it. If you can’t drive a stick and you can’t tie a hand tie, you ain’t even a man.”

It's a very bizarre-o world we live in, innit?

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