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06.25.04 03:57 PM

finding my spot

nah you nasty folks i'm not talking about the g.

though the g, as in george and i must have selected similar criteria over at findyourspot b/c we came up with similar cities. to be quite honest, there's quite a few places selected that i'd never ever consider living in.

here's the rundown of the four pages of results this little survey came up with for me:

#1 Little Rock, Arkansas  
ah no, sorry, i don't think so

#2 Baltimore, Maryland
i could see this one since my mom's family lives there. oh man, and the seafood. yeah all of y'all who thought i was a strict vegan, i do have my weaknesses.

#3 Honolulu, Hawaii 
now this would be the ultimate spot. i've been talking about having a beach house since i was a kid. too bad the caribbean wasn't on this survey.

#4 Sacramento, California
this is even closer to reality for me. lots of water and lots of colleges/universities. and there's night life. whoa!

#5 New Orleans, Louisiana 
hmmm...i have an older sister there—one of my dad's children. i've never been and i've never met her in person. though i think it would be a nice place to visit—note to self: get down to one of those essence festivals soon. but overall, the whole cash money and chopper city side of the world there kind of scares me.

#6 Baton Rouge, Louisiana
definitely not. all i can think of is this chef who used to come on tv who would say this city's name like this...bat-on rooge. ok, that's not quite the effect. but i really don't think i'd understand too many of the locals. i'm seeing lots of seafood and gumbo, which are nice for a vacation, but for some reason i'm also seeing some men in white hoods. i don't know, maybe it's just me.

#7 Portland, Oregon 
is there anything in portland?

#8 Long Beach, California
snoop dogg? i think not.

#9 New Haven, Connecticut
been there, done that. oh it was a bore. though i do like to around the water and whatnot, but isn't it even colder than where i already live? that's a no-no.

#10 Hartford, Connecticut 
ok this one is even more boring than the previous one.

#11 Oakland, California
damn skippy. i could get with this town.

#12 Boston, Massachusetts
but everything is so old there. and it's boring. and it's cold. and i don't even like to visit there when i have. yeah, ok, sucka for the seafood, but it ain't enough.

#13 Providence, Rhode Island
i think i know why this one came up. but no. no, no, no, no, no. i'd pull out my hair from the boredom, and it's funny cuz i said i could deal with medium sized communities. plus, if i ever move out of the nyc, i'd like to get away from the cold.

#14 San Diego, California
anything that starts with san and ends with california sounds real good to me.

#15 Orange County, California
this could be ok, but probably a little too much beach and not enough to really feel like it's a city. at least not for me.

#16 Frederick, Maryland
too old and too many farms. makes me wonder what the hell i checked on this survey for this city to appear.

#17 Fayetteville, Arkansas 
there's one in GA and one in NC too, but i like none of them.

#18 Charleston, West Virginia
there's basically as much snow there as there is over here in brook'nam. and when you put west in front of va i don't get the feeling of african-american friendly either.

#19 Las Vegas, Nevada 
hmm. i don't gamble. but no seriously, i don't gamble. and i am not into shows with fallen off celebrities either. and besides, i was there in the fall/winter and thought it was a little too warm for me, so what would summer feel like? besides, and though they're vast and wide, deserts make me feel closed in. cough!

#20 Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana
i know why this is happening to me. it's because i find beaches and oceans to be important. living in the lou has never appealed to me derrrrty.

#21 Natchitoches, Louisiana
you know what. this is a joke. i don't even know how to pronounce this city.

#22 Ventura, California
pretty, but not for me.

#23 Los Angeles, California
while most of y'all think la and nyc are kissing cousins, i know the real deal. you can walk out your house looking tore up in nyc. i dare you to do that ish in la. i double dare ya. for real though, i like chilling there, but i don't know that i'd ever want to live there.

#24 Washington, District of Columbia
once upon a time i thought of living there. it's kind of small though. and a pain to drive around since everything is in a circle. i've spent ample amounts of time here and really did enjoy the times i spent there, but when it comes to careers. well there's a limit, unless i want to ride over to dulles and work for that multimedia conglomerate. if i wanted to do something in public policy or govt, it'd be keen and there are loads of colleges and universities, some of the best, which is important if i'm going to get a phd one day or ever thing about teaching full time. but no thank you, i think i might just have to pass.

of these cities, blackenterprise, listed baltimore and washington in its top ten for african-americans to live, work, and play in its july 2004 issue.

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