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02.27.08 02:56 AM

Finally, Music 1.0 Is Dead

A recent report by Nate Anderson over at ars technica, covering the Digital Music Forum focused on these salient points that appeared to be accepted by all in attendance:

  • DRM on purchased music is dead
  • A utility pricing model or flat-rate fee for music might be the way to go
  • Ad-supported streaming music sites like iMeem are legitimate players
  • Indie music accounts for upwards of 30 percent of music sales
  • Napster isn't losing $70 million per quarter (and is breaking even)
  • The music business is a bastion of creativity and experimentation

Other highlights from the conference:

"The common theme through today’s Digital Music Forum East: physical music is for all intents and purposes dead, or if it’s not dead, its only role is as a collectible to complement the digital good." [paidContent]
"Consumers are ready to move past physical media.  (As evidence of this) we have 750K subscribers." - Brad Duea, President, Napster [Listening Post]

For further proof that Music 1.0 is dead, look no further than the latest news about Apple and the iTunes music store:

iTunes now second largest music retailer in U.S. "A new study shows iTunes has passed Best Buy and Target and is now second only to Walmart in sales of music in the U.S. According to Apple, the iTunes store now has more than 50 million customers and has sold more than 4 billion songs." [lostremote]

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