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07.10.07 12:06 AM


Who am I kidding? I can't keep up this blogging thing. At least not here, especially when I'm doing it other places, and working with a lot of Web 2.0 tools and social networks.

Besides, my first post in this space was July 1, 2001, and 6 years is a mighty long time to keep doing the same thing, in the same place. I know I often say it's over, but this time, I really think it is.

I was going to leave you with a long list of the other places you could find me -- places like Vox, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, last.fm, et. al., or even other places I blog, like FastCompany.com and TechPresident, but I find myself asking myself why. I think it's been a good run, and those of you who want to find me, well you know how and where to find me.

The site itself isn't dead though. If I'm going to speak somewhere, or make changes to my bio, or teach a new course, or write an article, essay, book chapter, or even a book, it'll all be listed here -- just a click away to other pages of this site. And I have other Web projects in mind too, some I've been working on for a while -- some I've mentioned here and some I haven't.

The truth is, I hate neglecting this space. And at the same time, I hate feeling obligated to write here.

Sometimes you just have to know when the fat lady is singing. And right now, her mellifluous voice is ringing loudly and clearly in my ears.

To my blogfam, you know where I am. If I hadn't been writing here all this time, I wouldn't even know you. I wouldn't have even made all of these wonderful relationships with people I met on the Web -- those who I now call friends. For the others of you, those who are just hanging on, lurking, perhaps we'll meet again somewhere out here on the Internets.

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