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01.27.06 12:07 AM

feeding my mixtape fiending

As you may have already read, I've got a penchant for audio searches. And of course I definitely have a love of music. In fact, I'm doing all I can to load up the 180 GB I've partitioned on my 250 GB capacity Lacie Firewire 400 for music. Though I've probably purchased and collected more than enough CDs over the years to fill up the entire device sometimes I'm just not really into ripping discs, which makes digital ready audio a priority for me.

For a long time I wasn't one to mess with BitTorrent, leaving that kind of p2p networking with PC users where it belonged. That was until I found Transmission. Sure I know, there's a BitTorrent client for Mac users, but I pride myself on going against the grain.

Since using Transmission, I've developed a proclivity for searching for mixtapes and UK releases. But with many of the Torrent search engines, it's not always so easy to find exactly what you're looking for, or you have to deal with multiple popups and popunders.

Well, I've come across the ultimate mixtape search tool that satisfies my cravings just fine.

mixtapetorrent.jpg, the home of HOT Mixtape Downloads, Hip-Hop News & More, is all I could ever ask for. In fact, I was so impressed with the site, I added it to my bloglines feeds and even spent a good portion of time trying to develop a firefox search engine plugin for it. I failed at that attempt miserably, and ended up creating a Rollyo Mozilla Firefox Custom Search Engine plugin for it instead.

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