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07.14.05 12:51 PM

featured blog post: Lesbians: The New Niggers

Mak (aka big sexy) post @ duns from May 15:

Iíve been thinking about this issue for quite some time now. Ever since Ellen Degeneres started her talk show. I noticed how she quickly adopted what has become a staple in black television shows since the Cosby show two decades ago. The Intro Dance Number. Dancing the ďJigĒ has a long and storied history amongst black folks in America as the white slave masters saw little use for Niggers other than cheap labor, living and breathing sex dolls and entertainment. Dance, which at its central core is an expression of freedom and joy, becomes something else entirely when because of circumstance one is forced to do so. Whether a slave dances on command to entertain his masterís party guests or a woman dances to let the public see her as light-fare and in as non-threatening a light as possible, a Jig is a Jig.continue reading

I highlight this piece, not only b/c Mak brought it to my attention, but also b/c I feel this is an interesting topic (and especially title) and there are a lot of places he could have gone with this.

You decide.

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