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11.17.06 05:22 PM

Enough w/the Jay-Z already

If you've been following, then the other day you read my post that discussed how Jay-Z has gotten into bed with some big brands in the past year, all leading up to the release of Kingdom Come. Well the latest, as reported by, is that there's Jigga TV over on now. Let Diddy have MySpace and YouTube, huh?

There's some serious boardroom, behind-closed-doors strategy at play here, but I just can't get my finger on it. It looks like Prohiphop might be on to something about this.

This got me thinking...

An aside, the blogosphere is littered with so many -- too many -- gossip and entertainment wannabee pundits. I wonder what half these cats would do if they had to sit down and come up with a real piece of investigative journalism, or a story that required some reporting -- not just opinion. Remember, opinions are like assholes...everybody's got one.

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