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05.19.05 01:23 PM

e3 highlights


so far the highlights of e3 have included seeing three of the wayans brothers - Keenen, Shawn, and Marlon

the 50 cent game is pure shoot 'em up - but that's not a highlight

dj rampage rocked the set at the urbanworldwireless e3 party - featuring the announcement of Big Daddy Kane ringtones (see Kane warm up the crowd in the above pic)

I originally started this diary-like entry on my sidekick on the plane, going into detail about the flight, and then what happened at the airport, and the car rental, and the meetings I had. Then I realized, that even if I wrote it like it was a memoir, that it would probably bore the hell out of most people.

So I'll do my best to play some new games today and talk about that at some point tomorrow.

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