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03.14.06 01:52 PM

double standards for whites and blacks running for office?

ok, so someone just sent me this link in the daily news...

B'klyn race no place for ex-abuser

Tha main topic of this piece being: "Kevin Powell, a candidate for Congress in Brooklyn who describes himself as "a recovering misogynist" with a history of physically abusing women, a variation on that question must be asked."

Anyway, from what I gather, the writer is saying that Kevin Powell is not a good or qualified candidate because he is human. It appears that Jimi Izrael feels the same way about Powell. To be human is to err. Powell has written extensively in articles and books about some of the many incidents discussed in both the Daily News and on Izrael's blog.

It's not that I don't care about some of the things discussed that Powell has done. I do care - and feel that those issues should be addressed. My main problem with black male writers taking this view and outing Powell in this way, well, is that it's counterproductive. I'm not on some black folks shouldn't air other black folks dirty laundry in public either - what I'm getting at is that it seems like there is a double standard at play here.

How many white elected officials and candidates have had similar issues? Does that sway our view of thier ability to hold office? And before you answer, remember that black folks loved themselves some William Jefferson Clinton.

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