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05.16.05 03:14 PM

don't believe the hype

Proving that the hip-hop music and fashion industries are far more hype than reality-based, russell simmons divulges:

"the amount of hype that goes on when I discuss the value of Phat Farm,"


"It is how you develop an image for companies. So in other words, you give out false statements to mislead the public so they will then increase in their mind the value of your company,"

Like any of us thought anything different.The New York Times article written by Jeff Leads further reports:

The strategy seemed to work. In February 2003, for instance, Mr. Simmons appeared on CNBC saying that Phat Fashions was "doing $350 million" in sales. In fact, Phat Fashions' revenue for 2002 totaled $14.3 million, according to court papers and the company.

Maybe this strategy could work for you also. (I'm sitcking my tongue inside my cheek right now)

Life and Def

Life and Def

The original hip-hop mogul, Russell Simmons is one of the most innovative and influential figures in modern American business and culture. Life and Def provides the blueprint of how he went from a kid running the streets of Queens, New York, to the creator of a multimillion-dollar empire of culture-defining enterprises, including everything from music to fashion, advertising to film, and media to politics.

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