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07.23.02 11:19 PM

dating the younger...

For personal reasons, this article by Sarah Bernard in New York Magazine caught my attention. "Where the Boys Are! Inspired by Hollywood, increasing numbers of New York women are aiming younger — and scoring higher."

"In the past, when people thought of older women with younger men, they usually pictured a widow of a certain age with a mother-obsessed gigolo, or a past-her-prime movie star with a muscle-bound stud of ambiguous sexuality and unambiguous greed. But the new dispensation isn't about Leona Helmsley or Mae West. It's about Madonna, 43, marrying Guy Ritchie, 33; or Sandra Bullock, 38, who's seeing Ryan Gosling, seventeen years younger. Daryl Hannah, 42, has been spotted around Paris and London with David Blaine, 29. And Janet Jackson, 36, made "Page Six" two weeks ago by canoodling with Justin Timberlake, 21."

From what's going on in New York and on the Hollywood scene (both in movies and real life), it appears the double standard is dead — that older men dating younger women is ok while older women dating younger men is taboo. Still some folks are skeptical about these unions, that is younger men dating older women.

"Most people assume it's just about sex, the classic theory being that when an older woman hooks up with a younger man, their sexual peaks are perfectly aligned, which leads to incendiary lovemaking. There may not be a solid scientific basis for the "sexual peak" concept, but there's some truth to the essential dynamic."

Has the game really changed? Is it ok for a woman to be with a man 13 years her senior? (And we're not talking R. Kelly illegal-type behavior here. This discussion deals with consenting adults.) Is it ok for a woman to be with a man 13 years her junior? Do the same age rules that apply to heterosexual relationships apply to homosexual ones? Are there any rules to begin with? Should age even be a factor when it comes to finding love?

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