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12.06.06 12:07 PM

Dame Dash Likes Social Networking

The other day, on FC Now, I picked up a news piece on Damon Dash getting involved with a new urban social networking site. Here's the blurb.

I had noticed that urban and hip-hop oriented sites had not picked up on this interesting piece of news, considering that his cousin, and brother of Stacey Dash, Darien Dash, was playing as an early competitor to For those of you new to the Web biz, I mean post bomb that is, you may not know that Darien Dash was a major player in the Web game. (Look him up if you don't believe me.) Like his cousin, he's also a major hustler.

So when I heard that Dame was getting into the social networking biz it didn't surprise me. Finally, the urban press has covered this, with a story appearing on today. Here's the link.

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