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02.03.05 06:40 PM

da hip-hop feminists bout to shut 50 down

we all know the real deal - though the label brought us candy shop and its video (which is light porn, all unto itself, though i don't get olivia's dance scene) - 50 wanted the streets to have disco inferno - and so it leaked to radio and now this video is leaking all over the net. it's beyond nelly's tip drill and i'm not even sure that you'll see it on bet uncut. someone will probably take it down before you even see it. just like those damn mp3s everyone's linking to on that service.

right now i'm trying to find it's artistic merits. but in about a day or two, i'm sure i'll have some womanist rant about all of this.

02.04.05 update: but you also have to look at the video for candy shop to be really clear in your points of view - though i don't think they'll change much

and he hangs out w/bart simpson too


update: here's a new link to disco inferno video - and if you're smart you'll simply right click and save, 'cuz most of the time these links stop working after bandwidth is used up

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