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04.17.02 06:17 PM

Cramming to Understand

The other day I was at the office where I hold an internship. I was sitting at the conference table eating my lunch and reading Wired. Well, someone comes in and puts a copy of Details on the table with Puffy on the cover. I have no idea when the issue came out, or whether the magazine was put there to peak my interest, but eventually it did. I picked it up and turned to the Puffy story. Ok, can someone please explain why a story on Puff Daddy, P-Diddy, or whoever he is, needed a full photo layout? Not only was it a full photo layout, but it had Puffy in compromising positions with topless women. Here are the images that stood out most. He in the tub lying on a naked woman, with bubbles all over him. He with his head next to a woman's breast, well really next to a woman's nipple. What is that all about? He in bed with one woman laying her head in his lap, and another in the background. Then there was this two-page spread, he on the left, and two practically naked women all up in each other's faces on the right page. I didn't even read the story, but doubt that a story on Sean "Puffy" Combs warranted photos of topless women. I'm a little peeved. The photos were beautiful, don't get me wrong, I simply fail to see the relevance.

Next point of contention. Something I started noticing when I dropped my niece off at dance class yesterday, and then picked her up. What's up with parents letting their 12 and 13-year-old daughters wear clothes made for grown women? Especially when they have the bodies of grown women? Isn't that just asking for trouble? I saw so many little girls in these tight ass skirts, and tight tops with their tits all bulging out. I got to thinking about R. Kelly. Hmm... Let's see, although he might be guilty, aren't parents, damn isn't America, somewhat responsible for breeding and feeding such monsters? Sure a grown man knows he has no business messing around with little girls, but when parents let their little girls go out looking and acting like grown women, who is really at fault here? It made me so damn mad to see these little girls, rushing to be grown, and to know that their moms or pops let them walk out of the house like that. This ish just really pisses me off. I wish netcomments was back up and I could put my comments link in so I could hear y'alls thoughts on this.

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