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05.07.02 02:15 PM


Only 10 days left before I go to the Cannes Film Festival. My classmates and I will be attending to observe the International marketplace. How's that for a supplement or perhaps, complement, to an Int'l Biz course? If I get nothing else out of this MBA in Media Management, at least I'll have the memories of this trip. Oh yeah, my third and final semester started last week, so I am a bit crazed again. Especially since I am trying to complete some freelance writing assignments before I go away. And I'm looking for another job. The course I was teaching-Technology, Culture, and Communication-at the College of Mount Saint Vincent ends this week. My computer teacher gig in the Adult and Family Learning Center at the Stanley Isaacs Neighborhood Center ends the first week in June. I can carry my internship with the Technology for Learning Project throughout June, but I'll need more than just that and writing to pay my bills. So if you know of anything in NYC that might be suitable for my skills, give a shout. Just check my Bio to find out what I do. My resume is also there in PDF format. I'll be all finished with this MBA in August, with classes ending a week before my birthday. I'm just really looking forward to this trip, the completion of this program, and hopefully when it's all over I can begin to figure out what I really want to be when I grow up.

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