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09.28.07 12:19 PM

Contributing to Yet Another Blog

I couldn't keep up the pace at Popgadget, because I actually wanted to actually review the products before writing about them -- this process takes time. Requesting products, testing them out, writing about them. Sure it's easy if your just cobble together posts from other gadget blogs, but I wasn't going out like that. So I realized I didn't have time for that process, and for now no longer contribute.

So other than blogging here from time-to-time on my own site, I'm still blogging on my company's site over at Fast Company Now, and still contributing to techPresident, when I have something interesting to say about how candidates are using the Web -- though I've relegated myself to a mobile-specific focus, and because of that I haven't updated quite as much as I'd like.

Lately, I'm trying to represent Hip-Hop 2.0 over at BlackWeb 2.0, which might get old when and if 3.0 ever really kicks in, but for now it works, and I'm going to try and do my best to cover all that's hip-hop and 2.0, or not 2.0.

I may also have an occasional post at Cool Hunting some day soon, as I've got an outstanding invitation over there.

It's funny that earlier this year, on Vox, I asked the question: Has Blogging Run Its Course?, and there was a part of me that strongly felt it had. But then I witnessed the outpouring of votes and nominations for the BlackWeblog Awards and submissions to the SXSW Interactive panel picker, and realized that in many ways, the whole blogging thing is really just beginning. Sure, it's going to reach a critical mass and then bottom out at some point. But that point isn't now, or anywhere near now. And because I've always embraced it as an alternative form of journalism and personal essay, I'm sticking with the game.

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