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03.03.08 08:52 PM

Comments Suck

A while back I got on Clyde Smith at Prohiphop about going comment free. I believe commenting tools facilitate discussion -- and possibly lends themselves to all the great stuff we hear about smart mobs, crowd sourcing, and the wisdom of crowds. I see comments as an entry point to those types of activities and outcomes.

But the truth is, like Clyde, comments have caused me major discontent. Not for all the same reasons as he, but nonetheless for reasons that are really turning me away from them more and more. Besides, last time I checked, comments weren't my biggest draw nowadays. I don't blog enough for people to feel a true or real need to interact with me in this space. Many people simply follow the contact link and send me an email anyway, or they find me on facebook or twitter or some other place where I'm hanging out online.

Truth is, lately, my commenting scripts have caused my web host an even bigger headache than myself. For me, at one point it was all the spam. Then j. helped me to finally win that battle. At least the battle of spam actually publishing on the site. But now, they are running so many scripts against my scripts that they're beating up my hosts servers to the point that my host just wants my annoying spammers and my comment script to go away.

In fact, you won't be able to leave a comment on this post until I decide whether I'm turning the comments back on. Though the box for commenting appears, the script is disabled. Do you have any clever workarounds for MT?

My host suggests I get a VPS or dedicated server, but I really don't think my site warrants all of that. It's super small. They also suggest replacing my script, which should be easy to accomplish by renaming the script. But eventually, the spammers will find the new script too, I've been in this exact spot before.

I might just have to x the comments here altogether, or wait until I upgrade to the latest MT to even worry about it.

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