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05.16.06 12:05 PM

comment update: what college students actually do online

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Hi, thanks, Lynne.

I wanted to clarify that I am not suggesting there are no African American youth online or that none of them take part in such activities. The data are suggesting that they are less likely to do so than, say, Whites.

You mention that they may be online through certain walled gardens. That's fine from the perspective of my study. In looking at the types of activities to which people put the medium, I don't discriminate
between services. I do ask about some of them explicitly, but I ask about general use questions without specifying through which service per se so I should be capturing such activities in the figures. Same
for blogging, I just asked whether they read blogs or interactive sites that allow for discussion, I didn't specify on which particular service per se.

I do need to include more about cell phone uses and need to think about how to do that.

Thanks! Eszter

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