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05.13.06 03:06 PM

comment on what college students actually do online

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eszter hargittai, who presented on what college students actually do online, responded to this post: "Thanks for your thoughts on this. I will be doing follow-up studies
on this topic and would love to hear more about what you think would
be the right questions to ask. Seriously, please be in touch about
this. Thanks."

Best, Eszter

(I definitely need to upgrade my installation of MT - it appears to block out any one commenting who doesn't have TypeKey. And I also think that by having the tag "spit heat" instead of "comment" I'm confusing a lot of people. For months now, I've been receiving emails and IMs about comments people tried to leave, and it's really frustrating. My MT installation keeps telling people that they have questionable content in their comments. And yet, all the kids who posted here on this eminem vs benzino post and here on this shyne vs 50 post got through. I don't get it.)

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