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11.12.01 09:00 AM

catching up on writing

Ok not feeling too great. Just found out, by checking his site, that my boy Donald was a little pissed that I didn't tell him about the Fela Birthday party. Sure he would also be pissed if I told him I went to the opening of that hip-hop exhibit, One Planet Under a Groove, at the Bronx Museum. Understand, man, it's all work for me. Sure, I have fun. But as a writer and critic, everytime I do something, I'm thinking about writing. So, I kind of forget to tell people what's happening. I go checking, hoping I can get someone (a magazine or Website) to believe that there's a story there. Hope he understands. Anyway, he, Donald that is, has a new fabulous party. To get on the list for his party, please send him an email Right now, I got to catch up on some writing and some school work. MBA's can be a bytch. I'll be back again soon.

By the way, Donald, if you're reading, when I wrote on 10.05.01 that someone e-mailed me to find out what was up with my diary and why I wasn't writing...well, I was talking about you.

Had to come back to add this. People are wonderful. Also while checking out sites on the Web today, well let me be more specific, checking out sites of people I have come to respect and think are totally cool, I logged onto George Kelly's site. George is from the Bay area, and I from NYC. We have never meet, but in cyberspace. I noticed he had a link to my site on his home page. This is like wow! I had no idea. Thanks George. George and I met in a little cybervillage called afrofuturism. It's a list serv that explores futurist themes, sci-fi imagery and technological innovation in African diasporic technoculture. This list has been a wonderful addition to my world, and has often kept me sane. Well, there goes something for the folks who thought community on the Web was dead.

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