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08.28.02 10:00 PM

catching up

I haven't talked about my trip to Miami, mainly because I didn't think it was something anyone would really find interesting. But some of you have asked about my time away. Honestly, all I did was sit on the beach for an extensive amount of time every day until I got toasty brown and then burnt and peeled. The pic is from one of my most interesting nights. Rode in the Sebring drop top to a titty bar named Rolex. What I found fascinating was that most of the dancers looked bored to death. They had these vacant vapid looks on their faces as they jiggled their asses in the laps of patrons. The water and fruit punch cost as much as a mixed drink at a bar in New York. And believe me when I tell you that's expensive. A gentleman wearing a red T-shirt and either a doo rag or stocking cap (memory fails me) walked in who looked like Trick Daddy. Sure enough it was. Our barmaid, after taking out her own tip (what nerve), came over and asked if we wanted to meet him. We all vehemently declined. He was in and out of the joint very smoothly and quickly. I have questions about the dancers though. If a woman chooses exotic dancing as a career, shouldn't she at least look like she enjoys what she is doing or at least pretend that she is? And where is the fantasy, if half of the women are running around bucket naket or hurriedly sliding down and off their thongs, and lifting up their tops, almost as soon as they begin dancing?

Later that night we made our way to a reggae party at some hotel in Hollywood. I have to say that each time I visit Florida and attend a reggae jam, I hear the best dancehall and roots reggae that has ever been pressed to wax. The music was so good that I never sat down. I was winding my non hips and lithe waist all night long incessantly y'all.

Also saw the most insipid movie that not even Julia Roberts, Blair Underwood, nor Brad Pitt could save. This I found troubling since I don't at all remember Soderbergh's Sex, Lies, and
being quite as displeasing. I believe this review by Cynthia Fuchs at Popmatters just about sums up Full Frontal. Recently, back in New York City, I also peeped Stuart Little 2 and Spy Kids 2. Don't ask. I'll just say that I liked the first versions of both movies a lot more. Now let me get back to Miami. A sighting of a pool table from outside a large window attracted us to Laundry Bar, a full liquor bar and full service laundry mat. Go figure. I got beat in three consecutive pool games. I guess I better get my weight up.

Last week Donald stopped by the workplace and blessed me with 3 awesome CDs from my wishlist. It was good seeing him after a year. Of course we talk nearly every day via email and AIM, but it ain't the same. Speaking of my wishlist, I am a little bit pertubed vexed with Amazon. I'd like to thank Jessica for hitting me off with a surprise from the wishlist, but Amazon screwed up and allowed you to send me the same CD that Mo did. Although I was baffled for a second about your identity Jess, I finally remembered that Jason wished us both happy birthday on the same day. A million humble thanks to you, but I'm going to have to return this one and get something else off the list. I peeped your wishlist too, and trust there is something belated coming your way.

What else? Let me see. Well, netcomments' host pulled the plug — either too much bandwidth or CPU time being used. I know many of you are waiting for my move to MT, but similarly it (netcomments) is down with the free software movement and I'm kinda' feeling that. Besides it works well with my hand coding. There are great hopes that it will be back up in a couple of days, but if not, once I get this designer friend of mine to finish my new splash page and possible skin for the inside pages of my site, I'll move "A Day In A Life" over to MT.

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