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06.09.02 11:21 AM

cannes photo essay 2

Cannes Pic

When we arrived at the airport in Nice it was07:00:00 aM on May 18. I was feeling quite sleepy. We took a bus from the airport to the hotel in Mandelieu. On the bus, I was listening to Meshell on my CD portable and looking out the window. (BTW, j. brotherlove has the most awesome review of Meshell's disc on his blog.) I observed out the bus window that the hatchback was the car of choice. It was extremely overcast our first day there. I wasn't happy with that, because I feared my photos would turn out like crap. That first day was a terribly strange day. The overcast skies soon turned to rain, dulling any sense of excitement that I had when I first arrived. My dean spent a lot of time doling out mini vans. It seemed everyone who was a driver wanted to drive, but it turned out you had to be over 25 and able to drive a standard automobile. I, owner of a '91 Mazda MX6 5 Speed, of course ended up being a designated driver. Finally, we went into Cannes, after showering, lunch, and a long drawn out review of our itinerary. The rain began to come down—hard. Whatever good spirits that had been within me, were all too soon washed away by the downpour and all of the disorganization of the day. This was our first day when we arrived at the Festival. I'm the chick in the red hat, skirt, and red Pumas.

I drank lots of wine in France and ate a lot of cheese. I even drank lots of coffee, although that is something I hardly ever do stateside. I realize that the coffee we have here in America tastes like crap. I also drank a lot of Red Bull to keep me up. I spent very little time sleeping, as I was often out with the folks from the other class, riding around in the Benzes they had rented and going to parties. I began to remember a smattering of French and used it quite infrequently. You see, my French sounds like Spanish. I was glad I had saved my tax return, and some other monies for this trip. I was able to live it up quite a bit. I received a really expensive pedicure at the Nogo Hilton. The reason I mention this is because something that made my stomach turn happened during the pedicure. The women at the salon had a dog, and he munched on the shavings from my feet that had fallen to the floor as I waited for my toenails to dry. Yuck!!!

The Smart Car

This smart car is a vehicle being introduced slowly and surely into the European automobile market. It saves a lot of money on gas. But then it looks like there's no car pooling to be had here. At least it looks a little cool. The future is now.

Saint Tropez Chilling

I didn't really get any good photos of myself on my own camera, because I seemed to be unable to teach anyone how to use my Nikon Coolpix 950. The camera seems pretty simple to me, but hey, you never know. This was me in Saint Tropez. It was another overcast day. I was with the Mercedes Benz crew, chilling out by the waterside. It was beautiful there. We did quite a bit of shopping and of course we had to stop and have some crepes. Chez Magnifique. As if I even know what that means. Check my LL inspired one leg up, one leg down styleee. It's a NYC hip-hop thang if you don't understand.

Tropez Sign

It was funny to me that the French seem to have so much disdain for Americans, especially after seeing this symbol of gratitude toward American Marines. I can't begin to tell you how many times we heard the statement, "No, it is not possible." If you can say it with a French accent, trust me it sounds better. We heard this when we tried to get into parties, when we tried to bargain for merchandise we were purchasing, when we tried to order something off the menu a little differently from how the menu read. I did have a good time though. And I did meet many nice French folks, who didn't mind that I was botching up their language. They worked with me. It seemed that in Cannes, things were a little harder than in other places. There is this backlash because America dominates the film market. Other countries really want a chance at international success with their movies. So I suppose I understand all the attitude that we sometimes received in Cannes. I did get to attend at least one of those VIP parties, and the first night there we crashed a party at the UniFrance Tent. Being a New Yorker, it wasn't such a big deal to me. I see celebrities walking down Broadway and in Soho all the time. Besides, in my profession, I am not in a position to get excited over them. So I don't.

I do have more photos. Some scenery shots that I might use later. There were jaunts to Monaco, Saint Tropez, Nice for shopping, and Saint Paul D'Vance. I really have some nice shots from this medieval castle we went to. As for now, this is all I have to show and tell about Cannes. I'm still a little burnt out. To see Cannes Photo Essay 1, go here.

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