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05.29.02 07:25 PM

cannes photo essay

I've decided to give you a view of my trip in images instead of words. More images to come soon. Perhaps the words will come to me later.

Cannes Pic
This begins our trip to Cannes

Antibes Street Pic
Somewhere on a backstreet

Star Wars Pic
Star Wars is a worldwide phenomenon

Tagging Pic
Really digging the tagging on the gate

Kenzo Pic
OK this picture was totally about the name brands

Freestyle Pic
Wherever there is an element of hip-hop culture I'll catch it

Barbarella Pic
I'm into symbols and signs so in seeing the rainbow it was cool to know that it was a symbol that translates over seas, besides I love house music just as much as hip-hop

Tagging 2 Pic
Graf culture pops up even when it isn't expected

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