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02.24.05 05:13 PM

can any mag fill honey's shoes?

First there was Honey - an Essence for the hip hop feminist. First brought to you by Harris Publications through the vision of Kierna Mayo and and Joicelyn Dingle in 1999, then a buyout from Keith Clinkscales and his Vanguarde Media ushered in a new direction for the quarterly turned 10 issues per year fashion magazine. With Amy Dubois Barnett at the helm, the magazine grew expnentially - the multiculti ladies aged 18 - 34 were loving it. In 2003 Michaela Davis took the reigns, heading the book more in a Lucky or Cargo direction, but soon after, Vanguarde went belly up. There was a void left to fill. And for the record, the advertising pages were never much to write home about, though the content and demand for the publication from consumers remained outstanding.

Enter the fabulous Suede, which on February 23 announced it was halting publication of the 4 issue-old ethnic woman's book due to high production costs. And this is just as the magazine was to become a full on monthly pub. For some reason the brand could not attract the advertisers that its overhead commanded. It also never filled Honey's shoes, as critics argued it was out of touch with the public it hoped to connect with. Read More @ daily

And now there's Vibe for the ladies, seeing that the official Vibe reaches as large a male demographic as a female one, who are often turned off by content targeted directly to the ladies. Also, the publisher seeks to increase fashion and beauty ad pages that it can't attract in it's other publication. Set to print only two times this year, the debut issue released with much fanfare at a packed party at Frederick's in Manhattan last week. The future for this one still hangs in the balance.

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