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12.08.03 10:05 PM

burnt out

As if you haven't guessed by now, I'm on hiatus, again, for the umpteenth time. I have a whole new site designed, and yet I'm still not motivated. It's not that blogging is boring me. It's not that I have writer's block. I've just spent a lot of years overworked, doing ten thousand things at once, and I think that my brain is finally giving me a sign that it needs to take a rest. I was like one of those kids in college, who was an RA, had a work study job, was editor on one of the campus newspapers, and took a full course load. I probably operated like that since I was 16. Always involved, always overstretching myself, and helping other folks out. The past year has been no different, so I'm taking a breather and rediscovering some of my passions. Trying to be healthy, and trying to live a fuller, better life. Since I'm in front of a computer all day, dealing with code and dealing with words, it's kind of hard to come home and do the same thing. So many emails to deal with. So many voice mail messages. Sometimes I just seek silence. Sometimes I can't even read words, they become a blur. I'm not saying the black superwoman is a myth, it's just not the way I have to live. Not anymore. I'm trying to find little ways to be fulfilled in my life everyday, and so...

I do want to try and find a fresh perspective for writing here. I don't want to talk about me and my life. I don't always want to talk about hip-hop. But I do want to tell stories. There's loads of them inside, bursting to get out.

I'll be around. Sooner than you think.

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