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06.01.02 09:14 PM


sittin' back 08:43:00 PM
sittin' back
in the cut
looking fine
look at that
nigga' what
this shit is mine
Res — Sittin' Back (Chorus)

I'm either bored with blogging, bored with the Web, bored with my site, or simply overwhelmed by my life. I think I'll call nadege and ask her to make a new splash page image for me and to take new photos of me for the interior of the site, so I can make a new design. She designed the image that is on the home page now when I was working with her at It also appears on my BP page, which I really haven't updated since I was downsized last year although in February I did finally go in there and take off my title that I held at BP and put that date as my last update to the page. BTW, got a new full time gig, but more on that later. I want to wait until I get in there and really start doing something before I start talking about it. I think I still have a touch of jet lag. After school this evening, I came home and just zonked out. It has been a terribly strenuous week for me. Lots of finalizing of paper work at my internship and PT gig. This semester is really going to kick my ass, and with a new FT gig and all I hope I can keep it up. I've also been busy helping my girl Mel move back to BK from Harlem. She really hated it up there.

I still have to post more photos and thoughts from Cannes, but like I said I'm either bored or tired right now, so it will take a little while.

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