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08.13.01 09:00 AM

Body & Soul

I went to Church on Saturday. Well, not the old preacher in the pulpit, sermonizing type vibe, but I did get a good dose of religion. Central Park Summerstage, Body and Soul Party. It's funny how much six degrees of separation ish can go on in New York. Thought I wouldn't get in, but I sent someone my energy and he came and put me on the line with he and his friends. I had my back turned at the time, and he just walked over. Funny that.

Saw many lads and ladettes I've know in former roles in my life. Incognito performed, but got a little too long winded for most folks. We wanted Joe Clausell, Francois K, Danny Krivit, we wanted that classic Garage funk...jammed all up in our ears and souls. We wanted to get down and party. And that we did, eventually. I danced so much, I was sore the next day. And after much testifying, shouting, wailing, and a vocal chords were all spased out. And yet...I couldn't stop. Had to continue the night. The party never ended. I made new friends. Hung out with folks I barely knew. But that's what Church can do for you. It can give you a sense of belonging, a sense of community. Hallelu - jah!

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