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07.11.07 03:36 PM

Board Bangers Go Platinum in Peer-to-Peer Networks

I'm not entirely certain that I understand this concept.

Today: Newly launched record label, Jaded Entertainment just announced today that the Board Bangers, a teenage skateboarding and urban rap music group, made history by being the fastest new artist or group to go “platinum” in the growing peer to peer world of file sharing.

How do you go platimun in p2p?

"In only the first 10 days, 1 million people downloaded the music video for their single, "Cause The Beat’s Hot.""

Is there some kind of soundscan service that determines how many downloads make platinum status? Sure 1 million usually makes something platinum, but that's usually related to sales, isn't it? Or am I missing something?

Either way, it says a lot about the music industry and the power that p2p still has over how youth listen to and discover music (and video).

Klee Irwin, CEO of the group’s label, Jaded Entertainment, said, “Nearly every computer on the planet is now connected to every other through the Internet. And the music industry is being forced to change because of this fact and the reality that people are going to share their music with friends at the push of a button on their keyboards. In fact, four out of five teenagers engage in music file sharing. But even so, we were shocked and pleased to see how fast music fans endorsed the Board Bangers. It was a real rush to go platinum this fast. It felt like a viral explosion happening right in front of our eyes.”

Just visit their site,, to check out their overall marketing strategy. The first impressive move is that upon a site visitation one encounters a group video marketing their wares -- with discounts included. They've also completed videos for every song on their album, are releasing two albums simultaneously, and they have a documentary already before even having established a career.

As for the group's talent, I reserve that for the critics. Musically its a sonic creation that rests somewhere between Crunk and Krump -- I'm not really listening to much more than the beat. I'm more interested in how the group is using the Internet(s) to change the music game.

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