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03.13.04 03:46 PM

blogs on blast...

man, trent, go and brush your shoulders off.

i didn't even know that when writer paul farber turned in this piece about blogs that mr. beats and rants would be the star subject. and i'm not mad about it at all. the man does represent music blogs to the fullest. rebecca blood is also mentioned as a blogspert, and keith boykin is quoted b/c, well he should be. his blog is extra dope. mia, toni is also mentioned in the article.

i remember awhile ago, keith had written his own piece on bloggers, entitiled blog this. one that i was actually mentioned in.

now that trent's the p-i-m-p of blogging, he wrote a very thoughtful post about how though he loves blogging it's taking over his life. i can relate to that ish, been there before.

speaking of blogs, i'm now digging blogs that serve as portals for like-minded blogs. you've got that hip-hop blog portal called blogship, of which both trent and i are members. but it's a little techinically challenged, b/c it requires its members to ping entries related to certain topics. if somebody can think of an easier way to do this, give a shout out to eric nord who founded the joint. something also better than he having to maintain feeds in order for it to run. we all definitely know that when it comes to hip-hop blogs, of course jay's spot puts the hip-hop in blog.

then the other night i ran across clyde smith's netweed, which serves as a compendium of sorts and it's quite extensive, and well an intensive endeavor.

and of course, we can't ever forget about george's negrophile. you know college students have got to be using this directory to do their research on black culture. i really love the way that he not only brings in news items, but stats, and then observations from bloggers talking about issues of race. prince c's american black really puts it down in this arena also.

this whole blog universe has sure come up a lot since when i first started doing this thing.

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