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09.05.02 12:27 PM

blogging .vs. big media

blogging .vs. big media

Are Weblogs Changing Our Culture Andrew Sullivan says:
"The first is the question of whether blogging will actually change the media in any big ways. The small ways are already happening. Check out this embarrassing correction in the New York Times today. (Scroll down to the "Editor's Note.") Now, it wasn't only bloggers who exposed the Times' error in characterizing Henry Kissinger as an opponent of war in Iraq. But they certainly helped raise the volume. Blogdom has forced the Times to correct itself many times over now, which can only help improve journalism. But will bloggers actually deeply undermine editorial and corporate power in the media? So far I think the answer is no."

Kurt Andersen responds:
"...if Drudge and Romenesko count as blogs, then of course blogs have already changed the media."

"Are blogs ever going to drive a transformation of the press as significant as, say, cable TV news has? Nahhh. Providing a self-publishing outlet for professional journalists' rejected print pieces isn't exactly, as we used to say, not so far back in the day, a killer app. I agree that providing talented unknown writers a means of getting prose in front of readers and editors is a nice hypothetical blog virtue:..."

the end of p-2-p...maybe

Just in case you hadn't heard this week, It's All Over For Napster Michael Singer reports:
"Once it was the place to go on the Web to share music files, a proverbial cult icon with millions of users, but now Napster has run out of options and is now buried forever."

"A Delaware bankruptcy court Tuesday has denied the bankrupt Redwood City-based Internet song-swapping service its $92 million proposed sale to Bertelsmann AG."

I don't think any of us really care anymore since there are a slew of alternatives. And those are only the ones the media knows about.

femcee shining

I have to thank Trent for this one. Every now and then, a female MC from the underground enters the arena and fiercely makes us nod our collective music head. Jean Grae just may be that next femcee. Todd Inoue of Pulse Magazine gives up mad loving ink for the sistah, as does Steven Samuel in his 1-on-1 with the X-Men monikered raptress on

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