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02.22.02 03:32 AM

blogging continues

I've received some support from other bloggers, and have decided that I will continue to blog. I also received a major shout out from today on the site's home page. I guess I was just hoping that some of my friends would sometimes drop by to check me out. In the end, I did come to the realization that this isn't for other people. It's for me. I have to look at it as any other form of journal writing that I would have done in the offline world. In a way, that is why I started this in the first place. But I also know that at times I put major work into it, and for that fact, I didn't want it to be for an audience of one, myself that is. But it's cool. I'm going to keep blogging, b/c I feel that I must. Catharsis. Therapy. Web addiction. Whatever. It's me.

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