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04.01.03 09:34 AM

bloggers for peace

But first a word: Alternet urges you to support musicians who are against the war. In other words, don't let clearchannel shut 'em down.

Now the real deal:
kind of came up with an idea that would bring all bloggers together in the name of peace. Next Friday, he and I, along with any of you other bloggers that want to be down, will put up a poem on our blog that is dedicated to peace, or about peace, however you want to look at it. But peace is the theme. I really hope that many of you join us. jason already said that he'd be down, and I just read on hardcore's site that steph will be down. If poetry ain't your thing, come up with a graphic, a phrase, a statement, a short story, links to articles, whatever moves you. Not looking to dictate creativity here. But what would be nice is that everyone name their entry "Bloggers For Peace" that day. That would be April 11. Thanks for your support.

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