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07.30.05 04:50 PM

blog crushes, teen blogs, etc.

@ 10:15 sat in a feminist/political blogging group that got very heated about feminist issues and racial issues. lisa sabeter of culture kitchen was there as was marian of marian's blog and danah boyd of apohenia, among others

@ 11:15 i presented feminist hip-hop bloggers - and it was well attended to my surprise, there'll be more info at blogher about it as i had a sort of live blogging QA style interaction there. i tried to get it on the audiocorder but received a lot of feedback from the live mics in the room and from the feedback of latthana indharasophang of ponzi's schemes recording for the chris pirillo show. i'll have to get a copy of that for myself and for the blogher ladies.

click here to view the video of the feminist hip-hop blogging session
click here for the live blog and Q&A

lunch break: spent lunch with laina dawes, who was on a dope conference on black women writing about rock earlier this year at EMP pop conference and is on the go west session here with nichelle stephens

now i'm sitting in the teens & blogging conference (wanted to also attend: how to get naked - a panel about identity blogging, but the room is overflowed) led by Anastasia Goodstein of ypulse blogs. i've been getting ypulse entries by email for awhile now. there are teens sitting on the panel discussing privacy and whether their parents know they blog. danah boyd is also on the panel. teens do blog do be public, though some on livejournals have private posts and private blogs.

right now someone is asking the teens about years from now when they are job hunting, whether they worry about what future employers will find out about them. should they self-censor now? how much truth should they tell? is there a fear culture around what teenage girls can do and say?

teen support is a real issue. youth who have blogs who so signs of distress. in the case of livejournal, according to danah, when they are contacted about certain blogs they will try to hook these youth up with the right types of agencies and organizations that can help them.

the ypulse teen digital graffit blogger says that blogging is cool b/c of social networking and finding out more about others and yourself - blogging in a sense helps build identity. video blogging is cool. it's a world of clicks, you find others who have similar interests.

the panel ends...thunderous hand claps for the teens who participated.

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