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09.24.07 01:13 PM

Black Women Blog


Now black women have their own BlogHer. Well sort of. As of this posting, about 10 black women have started blogging with The site creates a space for black women to network and share around a blogging community, and it looks like anyone who registers can blog. On one level, I have to say it's about time that something like this launched. Not to say that there aren't other sites where a community of black women blog,, has its own directory of regional and star black women bloggers. (Unfortunately it's not as easy to find them as it should be. No main landing page for the blogs, and the promotion box on the main home page doesn't clearly display that the blogs exist. You see "Hot Blogs" and "City Blogs," but it's unclear whether they're exclusive Honey blogs, are simply links to other blogs. But we love it anyway, since our girl SaucyDame has her Raspberry Beret blog there.)

But back to the matter at hand. BlackWomenBlog appears to be targeted to black women who want to discuss lifestyle, family, and relationship issues. Not necessarily my cup of tea, but I see the need nonetheless. Imagine what would have happened there when the whole Don Imus controversy erupted, or even most recent issues like what's happening to the kids in the Jena 6 case, or even the Juanita Bynum divorce drama. On the design and Web 2.0 front, there's lots lacking there, but again as I said, I understand the mission and perhaps adopting Web 2.0-like features, other than the blogs themselves, isn't exactly right for that particular community. And while the design leaves something to be desired, it's a clean presentation (except for the overkill on the Google text ads) and it's also a fairly navigable site. I just wish that after reading one post, I could easily get to another one, but I suppose that's what the tags implementation is for, though currently they're not clickable, but maybe they will be when there's more content.


From the site:


Making it easy for Black WOMEN to speak their mind, share their passions, and motivate a movement! is built on four powerful principles:

  1. It should be easy for Black WOMEN to connect with each other and with the world.
  2. The combined voices of Black WOMEN will create a positive, worldwide revolution.
  3. Unfiltered communication is best.
  4. The world’s Black women, Black men and Black children want the leadership provided by bloggers on is designed so that authors like yourself can publish articles and web pages in minutes.

We’ve provided all the tools you need – now it’s time for you to create your first Blog. Get started now. Publish your passion with!

We are located in Austin, Texas. We are affiliated with,,,, and"

From the press release:

"Austin, TX ( - Today a new website called launched. This blog site is the first to connect Black Women from around the world for the purpose of sharing ideas and supporting one another.

"We want every Black Woman to become a blogger on It's easy to register and it is free. And, we want everyone -- male or female -- to check into everyday to read the latest thoughts of Black Women from around the world," said JT Smart,'s blog relationship manager.

Studies indicate that more than 84% of Black Women in America are online. This number has been increasing dramatically over the past four years.

Website Publisher Susan Benjamin added, "Black women are so far flung nowadays that it can be difficult to reach out and spend time just chatting with another Black woman about everyday passions, such as men, our hair, issues our kids may be having at school, the latest fashions, politics, love, the weather, the local supermarket, dating, marriage, sex, parenting, pregnancy, art, poetry, recipes, religion, news, cooking, or anything else. Black Women can now get perspective from someone who's walked in their shoes. allows millions of Black Women all over the world to express their thoughts to other Black Women. I'm very excited about the sisterhood that will develop!" is free to join and blog. Current bloggers on include Black moms, wives, businesswomen, stay at home moms, single women, entrepreneurs, teachers, and athletes."

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