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12.06.06 01:17 AM

Black Professionals Networking

I'm excited about this Thursday. There'll be an event for Black professionals working in or around media and digital technology at the offices of Community Connect, parent company of,, and Those sites are the ethnic precursors to the MySpace's of the Web. At one point, BlackPlanet was one of the fastest growing social networks (back then known as a community portal) on the Internet.helped a lot of

I'm excited because it'll be a sort of homecoming for me, as it was probably one of the best loved gigs of my career, as I was once a reporter/editor there. I'm also excited because Omar Wasow will be giving a presentation on social networking. He ought to know a bit about it, considering his background with New York Online (a little like The WELL), that introduced a lot of creative professionals in and around the NYC area to early social networking and the concept of email. Go figure.

And NYO was one of the first services to use First Class Client on such a large scale. Folks like Gary Dauphin and Touré were there. And yes, of course I was there. That site was definitely primordial linkedin and myspace rolled into one.

It only made sense that after NYO, the folks at CCI would hand pick Omar to help them launch This should be an interesting event, especially since BP is in the process of reentering the arena and claiming its spot.

Let's just hope I take good photos and notes.

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