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10.21.05 06:22 PM

bill cosby redux

well not exactly part deux, but...

Cos took his message to Compton yesterday.

News & Notes with Ed Gordon, October 20, 2005 Wednesday night, actor-comedian Bill Cosby took his message of personal responsibility within the African-American community to Compton, Calif. -- a largely poor city south of downtown Los Angeles plagued by a high homicide rate, drugs and lack of jobs.

(listen on npr)

and then good ole' visioncircle comments on "Norman Kelly eviscerating Michael Eric Dyson's dubious critique of Bill Cosby"

and the Kelly piece on Brookly RailThe Afro-Culture Wars: Bill Cosby vs. Michael Eric Dyson Cultural Criticism as Pseudo-analysis, Pt. 1 from June

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Is Bill Cosby Right?: Or Has the Black Middle Class Lost Its Mind?

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