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01.03.03 02:29 AM

back from Hotlanta

Had a great time in Hotlanta bringing in the New Year with the men of DIC, Wood, and a few of their special friends. Pics to post coming soon! But J. already shows me bringing in 2003 with Loverboy. I am not officially back yet, still awaiting my new design. So my return emails—to those of you who cared enuff to ask to be notified—will be sent out as soon as the new site is up, and of course when I am posting somewhat more consistently. It is back to work in a few hours, so I best get some sleep. For some reason I am suffering from insomnia since my return. But if I want to be on top of my game in the morn, I have to make that sleep come down. Perhaps I just need to get used to this cold ass weather again. I left a pretty warm, but rainy day in ATL to encounter ice, sleet, and snow in NYC.

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