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07.29.07 11:04 PM

Back From BlogHer '07

I moderated a panel at BlogHer in Chicago this past weekend. It was great as always. Learned a lot more about the business of blogging, and more about some technologies that I'll share here soon. Also found out that other tan the BlogHer co-founders, I'm the only person who has spoken at all three BlogHer conferences, plus BlogHer business in New York.

I'll have a big wrap up post on FCNow tomorrow all about it.

Elizabeth Edwards was there and I got a great photo of her being interviewed by Lisa Stone. I've uploaded it to my Flickr account here and here. They were taken with my T-Mobile Wing, so don't expect them to be great as it's only a 2 megapixel camera on the device.

It's also cool to see the BlogHer community, that's based on the drupal platfrom, tying into Chris Carfi's Haystack Networking to provide complete profiles in the BlogHer membership directory. It's a powerful tool, and TechCrunch recently wrote about it in a post called 9 Ways to Build Your Own Social Network.

Another cool thing about BlogHer this year was that it was hosted simultaneously in Second Life, and the Second Life version of the conference even had its own registration here.

I met a lot of great new people there and even rediscovered some old friends. As always it was great to see: Professor Kim, Liz Henry, Laina Dawes, Liza Sabater, Maria Niles, and many, many others -- far too many to mention them all in fact.

As for some of the first timers at BlogHer, I want to give a special shout out to: Colette Ellis of Instep Consulting and Competent Advantage (we graduated High School together); Stephanie M. Cockerl of nextSTEPH (we went to grad school together); Valencia Roner of WhyBlackWomenAreAngry; and Paula Neal Mooney of PaulaNealMooney and WatchFreeEpisodes.

I've already mentioned in my post on Old Black Media finally jumping into the Web 2.0 era that I met Terry Glover of I've also twittered (or is it tweeted) in great detail about being excited to run into Aliza Pilar Sherman on the elevator the first night at BlogHer and having her remember that I interviewed her way back in the days. If you don't know who she is, and you're a woman on the Internet, you better go find out by reading her bio, as she's one of the original 'Net Divas.

Of course it was good to see Melek Pulatkonak of hakia, as always, and learning about the search engine's new scoop bar. Also Christine Songco of Google, kudos on that promotion to Developer Relations, Open Source, and much thanks for that Google T-shirt.

There were so many people to meet, so many things to learn, and so many things to do, that I just won't be able to capture it all either here or on the FCNow blog. At the least though, I just wanted to make sure that I captured the few people I've mentioned in this space, in this post. If I left anyone else out, I'm sorry, the brain is fried and suffering from a bout of TMI at this present moment.

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