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01.11.12 01:57 PM

Lynne d Johnson on Augmented Reality, Using Social Media Tools, And Building Communities Online

So, I'm not trying to turn this into a self-promotion blog but I've given a few good talks and interviews over the years. I'm not saying they're good just because it's me, I'm saying they're good because of the feedback I've received. So I decided to roll some of the videos that I could find on YouTube into a playlist, and here's what I've come up with: my talks on Augmented Reality as a Marketing Tool, as well as some stuff on building online communities, and on using social listening and analytics tools.

But one of my favorite videos of all time has got to be my off-the-cuff answer to Chris Brogan at SXSW a few years back when he asked me what's next in terms of the future of communities and media. That video isn't on YouTube so it's not in the playlist. But here it goes from Viddler:

What I basically said, and still think is relevant today, even more so as we enter this era of Information Overload (we've been in this era for a while though haven't we?) but with the increased amounts of content that people have exposure to it's even more significant. If you're a brand or a media company, sure, use all the social media channels you want, but be sure you have a homebase a place where all of this activity can land and live. In the era of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, mobile and social apps and the like, more and more we're dealing with shared spaces (the next rev of microsites really).

But what happens when those campaigns end? What happens when those social networks fail? If you can't export your content or create some solution on your own using APIs, what do you have left if all your eggs have gone into this one (waste)basket? I'm really talking about a managed digital presence that guarantees a historical base (timeline if you will). Digital is integrated and not siloed. How do we make what we do on FB or Twitter, come to life on our sites? That's basically what I'm talking about. See what you think.

Another series of videos I really enjoyed, was a program I did while I was working at the Advertising Research Foundation. Every day at one of our annual conferences, I interviewed social media folks about what's happening now and what's happening in the future. There was a lot of focus on social listening and market research communities, but so much more came out of the series that's still relevant today, nearly two years later.

I'll pull out two that I think really hit the nail on the head about what we're experiencing now in marketing and media.

Customer Engagement as the New Marketing

Lynne d Johnson, SVP Social Media, The ARF interviews Samantha Skey — CMO, Passenger about customer engagement as the new marketing @ ReThink 2010: The ARF Annual Convention + Expo.

What is the Next Step in Social Media Research?

Lynne d Johnson, SVP Social Media, The ARF interviews Chris Wilkes — Senior Director, Social Insights, Ripple6, Inc. about what the future of social media research looks like @ ReThink2010: The ARF Annual Convention + Expo.

And I'm pulling one from the vaults.

Lynne d Johnson Interviews Sophia Stuart, Hearst Mobile Case Study, Blogher '08

Fast Company's Lynne D. Johnson interviews Hearst Digital media's director of mobile, Sophia Stuart, about their initiative to take content and community mobile...realizing the promise of mobile ubiquity. Hear how they brainstormed over what content made sense for their mobile platforms from nine magazine properties, and about how they evangelized this new content internally and with surprisingly intimate efforts externally.

So much of what I was able to understand about what Hearst was doing was because of related projects I spearheaded when I was at Vibe and Spin in terms of adding community not only to our sites, but to our mobile apps as well.

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