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12.21.11 02:59 PM

Is Augmented Reality Ready For Consumer Adoption? Layar Thinks So

In all of my talks about Augmented Reality, I've talked about consumer adoption being one of the hurdles to AR really taking off as a major marketing strategy. And while AR proves itself the best application of SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) there's still a learning curve for consumers in terms of ease-of-use.

Layar, one of the first Augmented Reality Browsers is trying to change all of that by rolling out an AR application that's strictly for consumer usage. The app, Stiktu, enables users to combine digital images with real images and share them. Basically it's like sticking things on top of real-world objects. It's like virtual graffiti, allowing you to tag where you've been or what you've seen with your own marks of expression.

Layar produced the following video to show how it works:

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12.15.11 02:08 PM

(YouTube) ad:tech inspire Final Session—Lynne d Johnson, Dan Neely, Flash Rosenberg

So the Inspired By Augmented Reality talk I gave at adtech that I wrote about back in November is up on YouTube. Now looking at it, I realize that all of the examples I should have put in the deck should have been SoLoMo examples. But at the same time, I wanted to make a point that Augmented Reality was realizing ROI for many brands. Given that my argument is that AR is the best tool to deliver on SoLoMo though, I need to find more examples that have ROI case studies or start getting with making some of those case studies happen myself.

Anyway, here's the vid:

Lynne d Johnson, Content + Community Consultant
As smartphones proliferate, consumer behavior is radically changing. More and more consumers are using their mobile devices to either make purchases or make decisions about purchases. To take advantage of this trend, marketers need to develop strategies that engage consumers with experiences that are social, local and mobile. No other technology makes better use of SoLoMo than Augmented Reality (AR). Join Lynne d Johnson as she explores how AR layers mobile commerce, social networking and location-based advertising in a seamless format for consumers and brands. Discover which brands are already using AR and why yours will too!

Dan Neely, CEO, Networked Insights
My Customer Does What?--Consumer insights have gone real-time thanks to social media. The challenge is no longer getting good consumer data, it's making sense of it all. Consumer data gathered across the social web can let you walk in the footsteps of your target consumer. A marketer's mission is now connecting the dots, finding actionable information and funneling it to all of marketing functions. Because knowing what's important in the lives of your target consumer lets you make better marketing decisions. Join Networked Insights CEO Dan Neely as he discusses how brands are now using real-time data to inform everything from the content they create to the media they buy just by knowing their audience better.

Flash Rosenberg, Artist & Attention Span for Hire, Flash Rosenberg Studio
Drawing at the Speed of Talk, Laughing at the Speed of Light—Flash Rosenberg will discuss her process of "live-drawing" to translate real-time discussions into animated images. She will offer strategies for how you can fluently harness the funny things you see, to be able to express yourself more accurately, as well as humorously. Flash will also explain how digital technology is boisterously redefining the way we look at images...and ourselves.

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