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11.09.11 01:41 PM

Inspired By Augmented Reality (Slides + Video)

Yesterday, I spoke at adtech Inspire (the opening session to this week's adtech in New York at Javits).

The gist:
1. consumers are flipping the purchase funnel (using the web and mobile devices to help them make purchase decisions via search, reviews, and social media)
2. marketers need to have mobile-ready advertising and mobile optimized sites ready to engage them in these new behaviors
3. but instead of thinking of strategies, think of creating experiences
4. why so lo mo is the new marketing and the new consumer behavior coming out of mobile
5. this is where the idea of using augmented reality to enhance social local mobile strategies comes in (there's a lot more about why AR is the perfect tech for this that i didn't get to say such as geolocation services and now NFC)
6. on a spectrum of AR i covered SMS and QR codes (Zoo records), to webcam virtual experiences (dabs/acer and tissot), to local (location-based) mobile experiences (like Quiznos and w/Layar and Stella Artois Le Bar Guide and ), to POS (like the Lego's box virtual experience), to real-world applications (like AR-enabled ski goggles, Google Goggles and Word Lens, but also ways in which marketers are addressing the new customer journey via apps like GoldRun and Converse Sampler)
7. and I ended on a note of what's happening now with NFC (mastercard payments and the new jersey transit system payments with Nexus phones, to android beam making the ability to share info between phones much easier--it's like that bump app for iphones) and then what can come in the future when you use NFC with AR (the ability to mark items and spaces with coupons, codes, ads, information, etc. but then how virtual air rights will need to be solved)

Anyway, wanted to give the summary first before embedding the presentation. The presentation lays out the story, but it doesn't go into quite as much detail.

And finally, I didn't get to show how all of the AR apps and experiences, that I mentioned during my 15-minute presentation, actually work. Now it's time to roll the tape and show the video.

Zoo Records "Hidden Sound" augmented reality acer ad

Tissot Augmented Reality Application Demo

Tissot Augmented Reality

Quiznos Mobile AR campaign animation demo

Video - App

Stella Artois Le Bar Guide

Lego Digital Box - augmented reality kiosk system

Zeal Optics Transcend Ski Goggles

Google Goggles

Introducing Word Lens


The Sampler

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11.05.11 12:04 AM

UN Social Media Bootcamp

On November 3, 2011, I gave a presentation at a UN SocialMedia Bootcamp put together by Huge at Barnard. It was a pretty awesome event, and not just because I was speaking. There were two sessions for two different groups of UN employees, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Some of the morning speakers were the same as in the afternoon, but some weren't. It didn't really matter though, because everything dovetailed beautifully.

Here's my presentation:

It's also available on slideshare here, just in case you want to download it. And just in case I didn't get that Google Docs version to show up publicly, here's the slideshare version embedded:

Check out the speakers that Huge and Kirsten Cluthe of the frontier project put together.

Here's how the morning lineup played out

Lynne Johnson, Content and Community Consultant and Adjunct Professor
at MCNY and SUNY Empire State College
Cammie Croft, Director of New Media and Citizen Engagement, Dept. of

Anil Dash, founding Director of Expert Labs
Dan Costa, Editor in Chief & SVP Content Ziff Davis

Sree Sreenivasan, Digital Media Professor, Columbia Journalism School

And then the afternoon:

Lynne Johnson, Content and Community Consultant and Adjunct Professor
at MCNY and SUNY Empire State College
Sloane Berrent, VP Digital Marketing, Lippe Taylor (2:50 – 3:20)

Anil Dash, founding Director of Expert Labs (3:20 – 3:50)
Dan Costa, Editor in Chief & SVP Content Ziff Davis (3:50 –

Dan Blank, founder, We Grow Media (4:30 – 5:15)

It was an amazing day, as you can see by the tweets at #UNSOCIALMEDIA (don't laugh at the hashtag). Even I left with a few notes.

I didn't get to see Dan Blank speak in the afternoon, but I really wish I did. He wrote a nice follow up post: "People Deliver Higher ROI Than Technology."

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11.04.11 01:51 PM

I Have Too Many Blogs And Only Need One

Here's my challenge. is my home and where I've been blogging since 2001. I've had maybe 3 or 4 total design updates in that time, and went from HTML coding to Moveable Type. I love blogging at my home base, but my site's design is pretty old and limits me from much of what I want to do within my blog.

Because of this, I've launched a Tumblr Blog AKA Change Clothes, as an outlet for my fashion/style and lifestyle interests. I even launched a Posterous blog, that I called The Future of Media Edition, to post infographics, slideshows, and videos I found of interest in the emerging media space. And most recently, I launched a blogger blog, called Lynne d Johnson's Interim blog, well because I'm not doing much blogging here, but I'm posting a helluva lot of content to my main Google+ profile (yeah, I have more than one) and I was looking for a means to integrate what I was doing there into a blog. Plus, I discovered that that blog's aesthetic is kind of what I want this blog to now look and function like.

Of course I don't have the time or wherewithal to do CSS and HTML updates on this blog to keep it in MT or even to transition it to Wordpress or even the Blogger Blog I recently started. I'd most like to move the MT blog and Disqus comments all to WordPress in as minimalist a two-column design as possible. What I'm most looking to do is make this website look a lot more like my blogspot website, and I don't really care which platform its on at this point, as long as it enables me to create good content.

I have peoples who usually help me with this stuff. Like Donald Andrew Agaratt of AnziDesign, who helped me stop manual HTML blogging and move into MT. And then there's J Smith of mrjsmith, who helped me upgrade MT and move one of my photoshop and flash designs into MT templates. And Nadege Decastro usually does all of my graphics the famous animations and caricatures. And in my early HTML days, raschan helped me with some initial HTML and button graphics and the godfather of blogging, George (allaboutgeorge) Kelly, always gave me advice on blogging and led me to my first BlueRobot two-column layout that yes, I coded all by myself. These are all really awesome people to work with and I plan to continue working with them in some way.

But that doesn't mean I can't add even more people to the team, especially now as I'm transitioning into more of a consultant/freelancer role (see my Linkedin for more info on that development). I'm thinking my site may need a few more moving parts and a lot more work overall.

Whatever I do, I really hope I do it soon. I really miss blogging. And right now my future and livelihood depend on it. The more people see how I think the better they'll get to understand my passions and the work that I do.

So, do let me know if you have any ideas about what the future of my blog (and overall site) could become in the comments. I'm currently on MT 3.3 and using Disqus for comments. Not sure if I should stay on MT, move to WP, or even move to Blogger. And should I leave my comments in Disqus, use Facebook comments, or just use whichever blog platform I use?

A history of Lynne d Johnson home pages:

2001 - 2003

2004 - 2006

2006 - 2011

It's time for change y'all.

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