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06.24.10 11:10 PM

Summer Hiatus and Nine Year Blogoversary

I'm taking a much needed break from trying to keep up with this blog for the summer. Lots going on in both the personal and professional lives, and it's also seriously much-needed time for a site overhaul. I really plan on getting that finished before September rolls around.

In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter for social media insights, conversations about Android phones, talk about the latest music, popular culture musings, and some fashion and gadgets updates via my tumblr style blog. You can also check in on my speaking page (from this site) to see where I'm speaking next.

I'll also be blogging a lot more regularly at my ARF Social Media Insights Blog on Jack Myers MediaBizBloggers. I plan to write a weekly column there about whatever I'm learning about social media from some of the ARF membership, the latest social media happenings in the news, and of course my own insights, tips, and advice. Writing about social media there will offer me the opportunity to focus this blog as it started (about music, media, and my life as a diary) nine years ago. The blog actually turns 9 on July 1. You can see my first posts here.

Have a Happy Summer!

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06.02.10 08:56 PM

Update: ARF University - Social Media Bootcamp: Social Media for Research and Marketing (Agenda Added)

Social Media Bootcamp: Social Media For Research and Marketing

Monday, June 21, 2010 • 10:00AM–3:00PM

The Advertising Research Foundation
432 Park Avenue South, 6th Floor
New York City


$595 Member / $795 Non-Member (Includes Lunch)
$200 off for Audience Measurement 5.0 Registrants

Group Training Special – 3 for the price of 2!
$1,190 Member
$1,590 Non-Member
$200 off for Audience Measurement 5.0 Registrants

Register via My ARF »


With millions of people participating on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, brands can no longer avoid social media as an effective research and marketing channel. In fact, if Facebook were a country, it would be the 3rd largest country in the world. Data has shown that social networking is becoming the most popular activity online—even more popular than email or search. But what does this mean for your business?

This half-day workshop not only answers that question, but goes further to explore best practices for using social media as a research and marketing tool. And it’s not for beginners only, as we delve into:

  • Setting up a listening strategy
  • Creating actionable insights from listening
  • Developing a social media marketing strategy

Learn how to move from listening, to actionable insights, to a well-thought out social media strategy. Hear case studies that identify the best tools for listening to the consumer, and the best ways to use social networks to listen to and engage your consumers.



Lynne d Johnson – SVP, Social Media, The ARF


The Foundations of Listening
Steve Rappaport – Knowledge Solutions Director, The ARF
Frank Cotignola – Consumer Insights Manager, CIS Center of Excellence, Knowledge Management at Kraft Foods


Advertising Effectiveness: Understanding the Value of a Social Media Impression


How to Use Social Media to Boost Marketing Effectiveness
Lynne d Johnson – SVP, Social Media, The ARF


Suzuki Busa Beats Urban Challenge – Integrated Campaign Success Story
Jeff Rosenblum – Co-President, Questus, Inc.


Vitaminwater Connects with Consumers
Jason Harty – Brand Manager, vitaminwater®


ARF University
Lynne d Johnson – SVP, Social Media, ARF
As ARF’s SVP Social Media, Lynne is responsible for the social media development strategy related to the organization’s content and brand. She also leads the ARF Social Media Council, which provides social media insights and research for the industry-at-large. As a consultant, Lynne works with Web and media properties on content, brand, and social media development and strategy. She’s also a sought after speaker, and has presented keynotes at conferences around the world such as London’s Future of Web Apps and Australia’s Web Directions. A widely published author and blogger, Lynne wrote the foreward for “Tactical Transparency: How Leaders Can Leverage Social Media to Maximize Value and Build Their Brand,” by Shel Holtz and John C. Havens (Wiley, 2008), and she was also the technical editor for Google Voice for Dummies, by Bud E. Smith and Chris Dannen (For Dummies, 2009). As well she provided some technical editing for the second edition of “The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies for Business Success,” by Lon Safko and David K. Brake (Wiley, TBD). Currently, Lynne blogs ARF’s Social Media Insights for the Jack Myers MediaBizBlog. Prior to joining the ARF Lynne was the senior editor and community director for, a leading business innovation website that also features Fast Company magazine.

ARF University
Steve Rappaport – Knowledge Solutions Director, ARF
As ARF's Knowledge Solutions Director, Steve creates products and services organizing disparate sources into valuable tools for ARF members, such as ARF PowerSearch, and the industry-at-large like ARF Morning Coffee. “The ARF Listening Playbook” draws upon Steve's decades of experience in media content analysis, which began as an undergraduate and continued on through his graduate studies at Annenberg (U Penn), where he trained under - and contributed to the research of - the leading content analysis professors of the day. Steve's business-oriented listening career started in the 1980s as Research Director for The Center for Public Communication, where he lead development of MIDAS (Media Issue Detection and Analysis System), a pioneering solution primarily for reputation management, marketing strategy and corporate positioning whose services were marketed through public relations firms. With Softlogic Solutions earlier in this decade, Steve organized and built an unstructured data management practice, which designed and executed projects in the financial services, media, and pharmaceutical industries, and which relied heavily on evaluating and using text analysis software. Steve is the lead author of the best-selling "The Online Advertising Playbook" (Wiley, 2007).

Frank Cotignola – Consumer Insights Manager, CIS Center of Excellence, Knowledge Management at Kraft Foods
As part of Kraft Foods’s CIS (Consumer Insight and Strategy Group), Frank leads the group’s Knowledge Management and social media listening/consulting efforts. Frank helped develop the Community Intelligence Portal, which is the largest site of its type at Kraft Foods. He also authors “Randomness,” which is the top blog at the company. His efforts to develop both free and paid (with NetBase, Radian6, and MotiveQuest) listening platforms and insights have led to the integration and usage of such research into traditional “asking” research and shopper insights. Frank has 19+ years of analytic research experience across a number of well-known suppliers and manufacturers.

ARF University
Jason Harty – Brand Manager, vitaminwater®
As a brand manager for vitaminwater®, Jason oversees the brand’s innovation and interactive marketing efforts. At vitaminwater, Jason guides the development of products from concept to launch and has been a pioneer in brand interaction on Facebook, the iPhone and other platforms. Jason’s efforts in social media have helped grow the vitaminwater brand’s facebook fan base to over 1.1 million in less than a year, earning the brand a Top 10 spot on Big Money’s list of “brands that best engage fans on Facebook” (12/09). These efforts have also been recognized by Facebook, which acknowledged vitaminwater with a Blue Ribbon Award for the most innovative campaign and engaging pages. Over 10+ years he's managed interactive, mobile and field marketing campaigns for client accounts and held marketing agency positions representing F100 clients such as Verizon Wireless, Subway Restaurants and NBC Universal.

Jeff Rosenblum, Founding Partner, Questus
Jeff Rosenblum is widely regarded as one of the leading pioneers in the field of Internet research. He was one of the first researchers in the country to conduct interface usability tests and online quantitative surveys as he led strategic engagements for some of the most influential companies trailblazing the web, including Microsoft, Netscape, Sega, Walt Disney and Discovery Channel. Jeff currently focuses on the development of proprietary tools and processes for breaking down the boundaries that historically exist between research, strategy and creative. This multi-disciplinary philosophy is helping the Questus team produce industry-changing results for leading brands such as Capital One, Verizon, The NFL, and Suzuki Cycles.

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06.01.10 05:16 PM

Upcoming Speak Dates: AM 5.0, Dpac, Kidult, BlogHer Biz

Here are a few conferences that I'll be participating in so far this summer. In the fall, I'll be speaking with John Havens on Augmented Reality at Web 2.0 Expo in New York and at BrandCamp University in Detroit (more info to follow on these events soon.) For now this is the summer schedule, and it's interesting how much the topics dovetail one another.

August 5, 2010
"Measuring and Monitoring: The Case for Social Media Marketing" Panelist
BlogHer Business '10 | New York, NY

June 26, 2010
"Building Your Personal Brand" Panelist
Kidult Leadership Conference | New York, NY

June 24, 2010
"The Big Shift: Buying Content vs Audience for Advertisers" Moderator
DPAC: The Digital Publishing & Advertising Conference | New York, NY

June 22, 2010
"Social Media’s Open Graph" Panelist
Audience Measurement 5.0 | New York, NY

June 21, 2010
"Social Media Bootcamp: Social Media For Research and Marketing" Workshop Organizer and Presenter
ARF University | New York, NY

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