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05.27.10 11:18 AM

Gist for Android is Here

I've been using Gist in beta for a while now, as sort of my CRM tool. For me that means contacts relationship management. It keeps me up-to-date on everyone in my address book, so I know who I'm talking to and what I'm talking about the next time we meet. This tool is even more useful, if the folks in your contacts database have a social presence.

What's been difficult for me about Gist is having to visit the site to use it. At work, I do use a Microsoft plugin for Outlook, when I remember to launch VMware Fusion, to fire up my Windows environment on my Mac. There it has incredible integration. (And to think I used to try to use Plaxo for this sort of thing.)

But as a Mac and Android user (who doesn't use Google apps), it just hasn't been as successful an application use for me as it could be. (I've had to upload contacts or connect my social media spaces with the Web beta). But I do realize its potential--totally.

That's why I'm happy the Android app is here. I can use this app on the go now, to be in the know at all times.

Here's a useful video from Gist about the Android app...

I'm testing it out now, so you can expect a full review soon. I can already say, that I would have hoped they'd have a home screen widget, but I don't see one available yet. An activity stream widget would be just perfect.

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05.25.10 02:30 PM

ARF University: Social Media Bootcamp - Social Media for Research and Marketing

ARF University

Social Media Bootcamp: Social Media For Research and Marketing

Monday, June 21, 2010 • 10:00AM–3:00PM

The Advertising Research Foundation
432 Park Avenue South, 6th Floor
New York City


$595 Member / $795 Non-Member (Includes Lunch)
$200 off for Audience Measurement 5.0 Registrants

Group Training Special – 3 for the price of 2!
$1,190 Member
$1,590 Non-Member
$200 off for Audience Measurement 5.0 Registrants

Register via My ARF »

With millions of people participating on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, brands can no longer avoid social media as an effective research and marketing channel. In fact, if Facebook were a country, it would be the 3rd largest country in the world. Data has shown that social networking is becoming the most popular activity online—even more popular than email or search. But what does this mean for your business?

This half-day workshop not only answers that question, but goes further to explore best practices for using social media as a research and marketing tool. And it’s not for beginners only, as we delve into:

  • Setting up a listening strategy
  • Creating actionable insights from listening
  • Developing a social media marketing strategy

Learn how to move from listening, to actionable insights, to a well-thought out social media strategy. Hear case studies that identify the best tools for listening to the consumer, and the best ways to use social networks to listen to and engage your consumers.


ARF University
Lynne d Johnson – SVP, Social Media, ARF
As ARF’s SVP Social Media, Lynne is responsible for the social media development strategy related to the organization’s content and brand. She also leads the ARF Social Media Council, which provides social media insights and research for the industry-at-large. As a consultant, Lynne works with Web and media properties on content, brand, and social media development and strategy. She’s also a sought after speaker, and has presented keynotes at conferences around the world such as London’s Future of Web Apps and Australia’s Web Directions. A widely published author and blogger, Lynne wrote the foreward for “Tactical Transparency: How Leaders Can Leverage Social Media to Maximize Value and Build Their Brand,” by Shel Holtz and John C. Havens (Wiley, 2008), and she was also the technical editor for Google Voice for Dummies, by Bud E. Smith and Chris Dannen (For Dummies, 2009). As well she provided some technical editing for the second edition of “The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies for Business Success,” by Lon Safko and David K. Brake (Wiley, TBD). Currently, Lynne blogs ARF’s Social Media Insights for the Jack Myers MediaBizBlog. Prior to joining the ARF Lynne was the senior editor and community director for, a leading business innovation website that also features Fast Company magazine.

ARF University
Steve Rappaport – Knowledge Solutions Director, ARF
As ARF's Knowledge Solutions Director, Steve creates products and services organizing disparate sources into valuable tools for ARF members, such as ARF PowerSearch, and the industry-at-large like ARF Morning Coffee. “The ARF Listening Playbook” draws upon Steve's decades of experience in media content analysis, which began as an undergraduate and continued on through his graduate studies at Annenberg (U Penn), where he trained under - and contributed to the research of - the leading content analysis professors of the day. Steve's business-oriented listening career started in the 1980s as Research Director for The Center for Public Communication, where he lead development of MIDAS (Media Issue Detection and Analysis System), a pioneering solution primarily for reputation management, marketing strategy and corporate positioning whose services were marketed through public relations firms. With Softlogic Solutions earlier in this decade, Steve organized and built an unstructured data management practice, which designed and executed projects in the financial services, media, and pharmaceutical industries, and which relied heavily on evaluating and using text analysis software. Steve is the lead author of the best-selling "The Online Advertising Playbook" (Wiley, 2007).

Frank Cotignola – Consumer Insights Manager, CIS Center of Excellence, Knowledge Management at Kraft Foods
As part of Kraft Foods’s CIS (Consumer Insight and Strategy Group), Frank leads the group’s Knowledge Management and social media listening/consulting efforts. Frank helped develop the Community Intelligence Portal, which is the largest site of its type at Kraft Foods. He also authors “Randomness,” which is the top blog at the company. His efforts to develop both free and paid (with NetBase, Radian6, and MotiveQuest) listening platforms and insights have led to the integration and usage of such research into traditional “asking” research and shopper insights. Frank has 19+ years of analytic research experience across a number of well-known suppliers and manufacturers.

ARF University
Jason Harty – Brand Manager, vitaminwater®
As a brand manager for vitaminwater®, Jason oversees the brand’s innovation and interactive marketing efforts. At vitaminwater, Jason guides the development of products from concept to launch and has been a pioneer in brand interaction on Facebook, the iPhone and other platforms. Jason’s efforts in social media have helped grow the vitaminwater brand’s facebook fan base to over 1.1 million in less than a year, earning the brand a Top 10 spot on Big Money’s list of “brands that best engage fans on Facebook” (12/09). These efforts have also been recognized by Facebook, which acknowledged vitaminwater with a Blue Ribbon Award for the most innovative campaign and engaging pages. Over 10+ years he's managed interactive, mobile and field marketing campaigns for client accounts and held marketing agency positions representing F100 clients such as Verizon Wireless, Subway Restaurants and NBC Universal.

Jeff Rosenblum, Founding Partner, Questus
Jeff Rosenblum is widely regarded as one of the leading pioneers in the field of Internet research. He was one of the first researchers in the country to conduct interface usability tests and online quantitative surveys as he led strategic engagements for some of the most influential companies trailblazing the web, including Microsoft, Netscape, Sega, Walt Disney and Discovery Channel. Jeff currently focuses on the development of proprietary tools and processes for breaking down the boundaries that historically exist between research, strategy and creative. This multi-disciplinary philosophy is helping the Questus team produce industry-changing results for leading brands such as Capital One, Verizon, The NFL, and Suzuki Cycles.

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05.22.10 04:43 AM

Social Media/Digital Jobs:, Waggener Edstrom, MTVN, City of New York, Interactive One

Digital Sales Development Manager
The Digital Sales Development Manager is a digital marketing expert who partners with advertisers, the Essence sales; sales planning teams, the Essence Integrated Marketing team and the design team to leverage the full breadth and scale of content, properties, research and technologies. This Manager will apply creative innovation in line with the needs of advertisers, to create compelling solutions and drive advertising revenue. For more info and to apply:

Digital Strategy Senior Specialist- Studio D
New York, NY or Boston, MA (this position can be based out of either office)
Is harnessing digital influence, social networking, and social journalism your passion and expertise? Are you on the leading edge of digital storytelling? Have you harnessed the power of the internet to shape perceptions, change minds, ignite conversations and drive adoption of new ideas and innovations? Let’s talk. We’re looking for a digital pioneer who also knows how to influence lagging adopters, an entrepreneur with a track record of excellence in digital media, and a strategist who understands the powerful balance between traditional and digital outlets of influence, while optimizing for execution and tangible results. For more info and to apply, click here.

Vice President, Digital Marketing
VH1 is seeking a Vice President, Digital Marketing. The successful candidate will oversee all marketing initiatives for and VH1's digital initiatives and platforms, including vertical and affiliated sites, as well as emerging media platforms and partnerships.

This role will develop and implement strategic programming and promotional plans to support digital initiatives across multiple platforms (Online, Digital Music, Mobile, VOD), resulting in online traffic and video streams, interactive gameplay, and content distribution. For more info, and to apply, click here.

Chief Digital Officer, City of New York
Within the Office of Digital Coordination, the Chief Digital Officer will be responsible for the following: Managing and presenting a consistent and comprehensive new media face for the City of New York; coordinating with City agencies in the promotion of initiatives via new media tools; working with the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT) to improve the design and content of to increase usability and make relevant information more accessible; developing meaningful social media uses to keep residents informed and engaged; leading the development of digital project implementation; managing the build of current and future digital assets; managing schedule, scope, quality, requirements and rollout activities for redesign/development and other digital projects; mining new and improved ways to expand current business through relationships and communicating new ideas; overseeing improvement of digital media activities through creation and analysis of dashboards, metrics and appropriate analytics; and managing special digital media projects as assigned. For more info and to apply, download PDF.

Chief Product Officer
Reporting to Thomas Newman, President of Interactive One, the Chief Product Officer (CPO) will be at the forefront of a unique cross-platform play with responsibility for a social network platform, media platform and ad network.  Given that Interactive One is effectively a well-funded start-up, the CPO has a “sandbox” opportunity to create and implement new product strategies and new product development. The CPO will lead and manage all aspects of the product lifecycle, including innovation, product definition, content management, new business models, product marketing and promotion, and performance tracking. For more info, hit me up on my contact form and I'll pass your info on to the appropriate parties.

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05.20.10 01:41 AM

10 Essential Tips For Social Media Research and Marketing

Here's a presentation I did a webcast for today. It sort of works as a guide and toolset to get you up and running with social media research and marketing. It's only void of case studies--that would have provided clear examples of what I'm talking about--because it's a preview to a Social Media Bootcamp that I'm leading as part of the ARF University on June 21. That's where we'll go in-depth into social media listening, and the why and how of social media marketing, and we'll also have brands present cases in a hands-on environment that will take you from social listening, to creating actionable insights, to developing and deploying successful social media engagements.

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05.19.10 03:01 PM

Part 3: Lynne d Johnson on Code and Culture Switching

I've got a 3-part video interview featured on AgencySpy via MediaBeat, in conjunction with the Social Media conversation that I'm leading at MediaBistro Circus tomorrow.

What always scares me about doing video is you never know what's going to happen in the editing process or what it's going to end up looking like. When you do something live, I think people make a better connection with you than on video. I think a higher expectation comes into play with video. But at least they published them, right?. I guess that means they can't be all that bad.

This particular clip covers multicultural consumers and the challenges of marketing and advertising to those consumers -- to an extent anyway. For instance, I have a love/hate relationship with "Swagger Wagon," and we get into it a little bit here.

You Be The Judge:

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05.18.10 01:52 PM

Essential Tips for Social Media + Opportunities and Challenges of Social Media

This week, I've got a busy agenda. In the future it seems I should start a newsletter for these kind of updates. But I'm doing a Webcast tomorrow and Speaking at Mediabistro Circus on Thursday. Details follow below:

10 Essential Tips for Social Media Research and Marketing

WEDNESDAY, MAY 19, 2010 • 12:00-1:00PM EDT
Presented by: Lynne d Johnson – SVP, Social Media, ARF
Free for both Non-Members and Members of the ARF

With millions of people participating on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, brands can no longer avoid social media as an effective research and marketing channel. Data has shown that social networking is becoming the most popular activity online—even more popular than email or search. But what does this mean for your business? Find out in this webcast, where you’ll get a preview of our upcoming ARF University: Social Media Bootcamp: Social Media for Research and Marketing, where we’ll uncover moving from listening, to creating actionable insights, to developing a well-thought out social media strategy.

ARF Members: Free / Non-members: Free
Register via My ARF »

A Conversation About Social Media

THURSDAY, MAY 20, 2010 • 11:40-12:20PM EDT
Writer, cultural critic, and SVP for the Advertising Research Foundation, Lynne Johnson leads a discussion about the opportunities and challenges that social media presents marketers and brands, how it changes the way we communicate with customers, and can impact the issues we care about.


SVP, Social Media
Advertising Research Foundation

Executive director marketing
Conde Nast Digital

Marketing and Communications
Mobile Roadie

Social Media Editor
New York Times

To get a 15% discount use the code: SPKR

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05.07.10 05:56 PM

The Los Angeles Times Has Gone Totally Social

If you check out the Los Angeles Times nowadays, you'll notice that you'll have to use a third-pary, like AOL, Google, or MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter to sign in and register for newsletters. Looks like a move in the right direction for LA Times, as using social media to drive registration will drive content discovery and sharing. It's kind of in the same vein as a Huffington Post.

See the image below to see what I'm talking about:

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05.07.10 04:10 AM

Social Media/Web Jobs: Porter Novelli, Ripple 6, 5WPR, CBS, NBC, A&E, more...

These are mostly New York Area Gigs...

SVP, Digital Strategy
Looking for a leader who has successfully built digital expertise at a top-tier agency in the past. Agency experience is ideal, but we’re also open to individuals who can pitch us on why they’re the person who can take this company to the next level.  You’ve earned your stripes working for marquee clients, and you know what kind of perfection and professionalism that takes. Wherever you may be coming from, you bring a combination of deep interactive knowledge, experience integrating a traditional agency and taking it forward, a passion for amazing digital creative, a strong technology understanding, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a killer track record of successfully building business with new clients, new mandates, and new products. More info

Social Media Specialist, 5WPR
Media Relations (Multiple openings at multiple levels)
Work with account teams to review clients' business goals and develop and implement strategic social/emerging media plans that support those goals; Execute, measure and continuously improve the methods and performance of social media; Proactively pitch media outlets with heavy focus on new/emerging media; Draft and service pitch letters, press releases and media alerts; Provide counsel and guidance to clients with regard to social and emerging media tools and programs; Develop client proposals and presentations; Facilitate information sharing across the PR firm. More info

Community Organizer & Media Relations Coordinator, Uncommon Goods
Are you a Facebook fanatic, a Twitter terror, or a Web 2.0 whiz? Are Mashable and TechCrunch a big part of your daily blog-reading routine? Do you think Etsy is a really great idea that you wish you had thought of? Do terms like "the wisdom of crowds", "the long tail", and "the paradox of choice" mean anything to you? UncommonGoods is looking for someone to head up our social media efforts and media relations. This means you would be responsible for curating our Facebook and Twitter communities, leading our efforts on crowdsourcing, and coordinating customer outreach initiatives, with a fair amount of blogging thrown in for good measure. More info

Social Marketing Manager, Ripple 6
Ripple6 is looking for a Social Marketing Manager to drive social marketing initiatives for multiple client engagements. The Social Marketing Manager works closely with Ripple6 clients (and their agencies) to define, plan, deliver, and report on social marketing initiatives utilizing Ripple6’s products and services.  As an expert in both Social Marketing and Ripple6 products & services, the Social Marketing Manager will also participate in the sales & pitch process to support the acquisition of new business and engagement renewals. More info

VP, Social Media Analytics, Digital Communications Group, Porter Novelli
Porter Novelli is a full-service global public relations company with an immediate need for a Vice-President, Social Media Analytics in the Digital Communications group in our NY office.This role is expected to grow the agency’s ability to deliver commercially oriented intelligence to our clients and our account teams regarding the nature of online sentiment and the impact of digital campaigns and programs. This role requires experience with hands-on management of analytics projects and interfacing directly with top tier clients to present capabilities and results.  Additional responsibilities include helping to embed basic digital analytics capabilities across the organization in addition to the evaluation and mentorship of talent/staff to support this initiative. More info

Associate Product Manager, Community,
The Associate Product Manager, Community will be an evangelist within for community and social media. This person will be focused on day to day execution of the social media strategy and will be a strong advocate for the external community. He or she will work closely with Editorial and Product teams to drive brand engagement on and off network and will help evolve the social strategy.More info

Social Media Strategist, M Booth & Associates
Qualified candidates will bring at least 4–6 years experience within an agency setting (2 years immersed in community building) and their expertise in mentoring up, down and sideways. We seek a vibrant strategist who can successfully develop and execute branding campaigns for our consumer and corporate clients and who can think and implement creatively in a highly motivated and driven environment. More info

Manager, Digital and Social Media, NBC Universal - News & Information
NBC News Marketing is seeking a creative and experienced Manager of Social and Digital Media to oversee the online communities of NBC News properties. The right candidate will be highly technical and must take on an active role in developing social media strategies.This individual will report to the Director, Social Media for the NBC News Marketing department based in New York City and will work with digital marketing groups from various properties. This role requires technical expertise as well. More info

Sr. Manager, Digital Media Marketing, A&E TELEVISION NETWORKS
A&E Television Networks is seeking an ambitious, goal-oriented digital marketer to grow traffic to each of 10+ consumer facing online sites. With specific focus on,,, and, this individual will manage day-to-day SEO and SEM efforts while assisting in the development and execution of a broader digital audience development strategy. More info

Online Editorial Director, Random House
The Fodor's Publishing Group seeks an Online Editorial Director who will be responsible for the direction of all web editorial content, including content created solely for the web and content imported from books. The position will also oversee newsletters, blogs and the Fodor’s community. Additional responsibilities include optimizing SEO traffic, supporting advertising goals and consumer satisfaction. Director will partner with print editorial, marketing and sales to enhance the consumer experience, develop brand strategy and oversee the esthetics of More info

Account Director - Word of Mouth and Social Marketing/sCRM, Affinitive
Affinitive is seeking a talented, passionate, and experienced Account Director. The ideal candidate has a background in customer-focused marketing strategy and has recent experience managing major CPG clients in the consumer engagement/social space. Although the role's primary responsibility is managing and developing client relationships, the candidate will also be responsible for new business development, strategy and creative ideation, analytics, and thought leadership. More info

Social Media Community Manager
A rapidly growing e-commerce company in Jersey City, NJ founded by two brilliant men and the company is a phenomenal success story…..they have grown into a multi million dollar company in only a few short years. They are building a company of hugely talented professionals in the interactive arena and they are seeking: A bright and passionate digital media/interactive guy or gal who LOVES Social Marketing/Networking: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Blogging, etc. ..   ideally, someone who has done this for a B2C ecommerce company. For more info contact Lori Lustig Executive Search, LLC

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05.06.10 10:46 AM

Altimeter's Social Marketing Analytics Is A Winner

Lately, I've been collecting a lot of reports on social media metrics and analytics, and looking at various models because of a project I'm working on at the Advertising Research Foundation. Some of these reports are really clear and simple. Some of them simply take a look at Web analytics and just add a layer of social on top of them. But measuring social is so much more than that, because it's different. It's even more than simply looking at some Dunbar number or Six Degrees or even Six Pixels of separation, and moving from there.

One model I've been advocating for a while, is what Razorfish released in its Fluent study, where they talk about Social Influence Marketing and created a SIM score based on the Net Promoter Score. I'm an advocate of this, because I know that even Razorfish realizes that things happen in real-time and they're going back to the board to release an updated version soon. But I'm also an advocate because it shows the real value of social.

Recently, I've heard about a new model, that I can definitely co-sign. The folks at Altimeter have been putting in a lot of work at developing frameworks for various activities in social, including analytics and Social CRM. What I'm sharing here is the work they've done with Web Analytics Demystified to develop a deeper and richer way of looking at key performance indicators, such as:

Share of Voice
Audience Engagement
Conversation Reach
Active Advocates
Advocates Influence
Advocacy Impact
Issue Resolution Rate
Customer Satisfaction
Topic Trends
And Overall Idea Impact

It's a hell of a framework here (embedded below). It's one I'll definitely be sharing with my colleagues.

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05.03.10 09:38 AM

What Is the Next Step in Social Media Research?

What is the Next Step in Social Media Research? from The ARF on Vimeo.

Lynne d Johnson, SVP Social Media, The ARF interviews Chris Wilkes — Senior Director, Social Insights, Ripple6, Inc. about what the future of social media research looks like @ ReThink2010: The ARF Annual Convention + Expo.

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