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07.28.08 01:29 PM

A Moment of Clairty, Sanity, and Transparency

A couple of weeks ago, I was at the center of some controversy due to an interview I conducted with NPR News & Notes, "Video Blogger Dropped Over Racially Charged Posts."

There seems to have been loads of confusion and misunderstanding about why I was even involved in that interview, especially by people not familiar with my background with NPR or even with the video blogger I discussed with them. There was also some backlash around my recollecting facts about the video in question inappropriately, I published an apology regarding this on FriendFeed the same night that I realized my error. Still I was misunderstood.

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07.09.08 12:47 PM

Summer Hiatus

Between speaking engagements, writing projects, some consulting, trying to enjoy the summer, and working on a brand spanking new site, I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment. Most likely, I'll be putting blogging here on hold until the new design and new architecture of this site comes forth, but I'll be ramping up my blogging over at on Digital Media Diva in the meantime. (And of course, I'll pop in on BlackWeb2.0 from time-to-time).

Hope you'll still be around when I come back.

As an aside, I'm all over the Web though, microblogging, sharing stories, listening to music, watching and creating videos, and commenting on blogs, etc. Here's some of the places you can find me:

Lijit Search

As well, check out my speaking schedule to see where I'll be, and when.

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