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04.29.08 05:35 PM

Obama Unequivocally Denounces Wright's Latest Speech

Is this political posturing? When does the true conversation about race in America begin? We've often heard that this candidate is post-race or has transcended race -- is this what this denouncement proves?

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04.26.08 02:54 PM

Podcast: Tooting Your Own Horn

The podcasts are finally in from the Women Who Tech Telesummit.

Tooting Your Own Horn
Do you take credit for all of the fabulous work you do? Do you feel that you are forging ahead in your career or are you being overshadowed by your male colleagues? This panel explores personal branding and provides tips and strategies to help you enhance your careers and visibility.

Panelists: Megan Fitzgerald, Career By Choice, Lynne d Johnson, Fast Company

Moderator: Angie Chang,

Podcast: Click here to download the podcast. Also visit WWT to add comments. (Unfortunately I haven't figured out a means of exporting the podcast and setting it up in an easier to access format. The download requires minimal registration to listen to it through ReadyTalk Audio and Web Conferencing.

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04.18.08 02:30 PM

Video: Obama Dusts The Dirt of His Shoulders

In this video mashup from YouTube user Bill 3948, Obama gets his Jay-Z on in response to Hillary and Bill.

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04.17.08 12:27 AM

Odeo: Back in Beta


About a 1/2 hour, or hour ago, I received an e-mail inviting me to check out Odeo in beta. Since I was already an original Odea user, all I had to do was request to be notified when beta was ready. Well it is, and here's what's happening over there.

It's certainly far removed from the Odea that once was Evan Williams' Odeo:

"Odeo aims to enable this new distribution channel and medium by creating the best one-source solution for finding, subscribing to, and publishing audio content."

Today's Odeo is about finding millions of audio and video choices -- so it's a still a distribution channel of sorts, but also a little bit like a super-powered multimedia search engine. I see the ability to subscribe and create playlists, but my beloved Odeo studio is missing. Yet the blog promises it will be a component of the new site:

"Many beta testers of the new site have asked "where's the Studio?". For the near term, the Studio will exist as a micro site as it is now while our longer term plan is to embed the Studio functions directly into the new site with specific customizations for producers vs. viewers."

In March, ReadWriteWeb reported that Blogdigger had been acquired by Odeo's parent company, SonicMountain, and while Blogdigger will remain a site, its technology will be integrated into Odeo expanding search and discovery to digital media overall, and not just podcasts. Wonder if studio will be rebuilt to also include the recording of video then?

Kristen Nicole, over at Mashable, also reported earlier this month a partnership with Matchmine, for both Blogdigger and Odeo. The service enables recommendations, that will enhance the search and discovery options.

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04.16.08 08:56 PM

Video: Lynne d Johnson Interviews Sophia Stuart, Hearst Mobile

BlogHer Business '08: Hearst Mobile Case Study
Fast Company's Lynne d Johnson interviews Hearst Digital media's director of mobile, Sophia Stuart, about their initiative to take content and community mobile...realizing the promise of mobile ubiquity. Hear how they brainstormed over what content made sense for their mobile platforms from nine magazine properties, and about how they evangelized this new content internally and with surprisingly intimate efforts externally.

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04.15.08 01:50 PM

Video: Lynne d Johnson Interviews Lena West, Xyno Media

I've been meaning to put this video up for a while, but I've been hella busy and under the weather a bit. This video is from this year's SXSW Interactive, in which I interviewed one of the panelists from the Where Are The Black Tech Bloggers? panel.

I'm still waiting for SXSW to put up the podcast of the entire panel, but until then hear what Lena West, Founder and CEO of Xynomedia has to say about her participation and about being a black woman in technology. We conducted this session at Studio SX.

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04.09.08 11:17 AM

An Early Peek at RushmoreDrive

rushmore_drive.gif probably won't officially launch until later tonight at its party at the IAC building. But I was able to get in through the back door to bring you this screen shot of its home page. I'd offer up more screenshots and my opinion of the site, but let's just wait until it officially launches.

If you remember, I first reported IAC Announces Online Initiative for the Black Community back in April 2007. They originally expected to launch by January 2008, but here we are a full year from the announcement with a full fledged site that they plan to replicate in other demographics.

What I have noticed that's cool about the site is the search engine functionality. Based on Ask's engine, the site's search is weighted more heavily to finding content that's focused on black news and specific black resources. They also have partnerships with various job networks.

Here's why they want you to join:

  • Search and FIND any and everything you want on the worldwide web by using the first-of-its-kind search engine built especially for OUR community.
  • Get top national and international news as soon as it breaks PLUS have your voice heard about topics that specifically matter to OUR community.
  • Find out which employers want to hire people like YOU!
  • Meet people like YOU -- people who share the same faith, same fraternity or sorority, and who belong to some of the same professional groups that you do.
  • Enter to win RushmoreDrive's contests and sweepstakes -- and our prizes will be BIG!
  • The biggest benefit of all is that you'll help RushmoreDrive improve OUR community because the more WE use it, the BETTER it gets.

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04.07.08 12:13 PM

One To Watch: Tyga

Just like star trak entertainment's Teyana Taylor, who I said was one to watch back in February, I've become taken by the youthful talents of Tyga, cousin of Travis of Gym Class Heroes. I've been watching him on MySpace and YouTube for a minute now, and I found his bars on Fall Out Boy's "Arm's Race" (Remix) a welcome.

Anyway, the release date for Tyga's album No Introduction is 6/10/08 and the following video is a peek behind the scenes for his song "Coconut Juice." It's a take off Snoop's "Gin & Juice," wherein Travis leaves his home entrusted to Tyga and his friends.

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04.06.08 11:15 PM

Here, There, and Everywhere

Since a lot more of my life happens on Facebook and Twitter, I'm always forgetting to update this blog. I'm currently awaiting podcasts from the SXSWi, Women Who Tech, and BlogHer Business '08 panels I participated in, so that I can post them here. Hopefully, they're all coming soon. But I've also been writing a few blog posts at BlackWeb2.0 and Here's some of what I've written:

This Week in Women and Technology
In this blog post, I write about participating in WWT and talk a little about the BlogHer business conference. More about BlogHer Biz coming soon.

QIK Stream of NY Web 2.0 Meetup
Since getting the Nokia N95, I've been taking more photos and shooting more videos. Last week, I attended the NY Web 2.0 Meetup and livestreamed a talk by Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee) of wine library tv.

Hip-Hop 2.0: Notorious Blog
A post at BlackWeb2.0 about the launch of a blog by Wayne Barrow, Producer of the film NOTORIOUS. Here's where you can stay up on what's happening with the film about B.I.G.

The SEO Rapper on Design Coding
A dude with a YouTube channel, who apparently has better Web skills than he does rapping skills. Yet, it's a clever video nonetheless.

The Muxtape Buzz — How Long Will It Last?
More and more people are writing about how digital music is more for advertising than for buying, while folks like the CEO of Napster says that the physical media for music is a dying breed. How the music future going to play out anyway? I don't know, but what I do know is that both Muxtape and Mixaloo offer cool ways to share music with your friends and offer that little moment called discovery. Differences here: Mixaloo has a business model built in.

MySpace Latino > MiGente
Social Media companies are starting to think about approaches to the Latin American market. We all remember how Brazil took over the Google-backed Orkut don't we? Well, turns out, Latin Americans are on MySpace in droves and Analytics 2.0 even wrote a white paper about it: White Paper III - Social Networks in Latin America.

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04.06.08 06:33 AM

This Week's Mix on Muxtape

lynneluvah-muxtape.gifYou ain't ready for my muxtape? If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out the post I wrote over at BlackWeb2.0.

Anyway, here's the mix for this week:

Fall Out Boy ft John Mayer - Beat It
BLK JKS - Lakeside
Hot Chip - Sensual Seduction
Wale - Conclusion
tyga - so crispy freestyle
Rye Rye - Gangsta Girl
Mary J Blige - Just Fine (Treat Em Right Remix) (Feat. Lil' Wayne) (Original Edit)
dj blaqstarr featuring Rye Rye - shake it to the ground (Pistol Pete Remix)
MSTRKRFT - Bounce (feat. N.O.R.E.)
Steve Aoki - Shake And Pop (Feat. Kid Sister, With Green Velvet)
Busta Rhymes - Dont Touch Me (Throw Da Water On 'Em)
The Dream - Ditch That


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