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02.23.07 05:29 PM

Britney does Rehab

Britney could never send like Amy Winehouse but this video mashup of Britney visuals to Winehouse's "Rehab" is classic.

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02.23.07 01:13 PM

Fresh Parish Hoodie + Nike Baltoro LE (GS)

Fresh Hoodie, originally uploaded by lynneluvah.

You can't be fesh to def unless you have the wares.

Nike Baltoro LE (GS), originally uploaded by lynneluvah.

This pieces make a lovely pair.

And just in case you can't see the bright colors on the hoodie very well, go here.

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02.21.07 06:33 PM

Upcoming Speaking Engagement

Princeton University

Tuesday, February 27, 6-7:30 p.m.

The Spring FFR LGBTQ Lecture

Hip-Hop and Homophobia: Exploring Bisexuality, Masculinity, and ‘the DL’

McCosh 50

This all-star panel will explore the construction of masculinity within hip-hop culture with a particular focus on the relationships between homophobia and misogyny. Professor Cornel West will lead panelists in a discussion about the ways in which the discourse on 'the DL' and HIV infection has worked to undermine the agency of the black woman and the morality of black men.

Sponsored by the Black Graduate Caucus, Black History Month Committee, Fund For Reunion LGBTQ Lecture Series, Hip-Hop: Art & Life, and LGBT Center.

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02.17.07 05:06 PM

I'm down with techPresident

About TechPresident

TechPresident is a new group blog from Personal Democracy Forum that covers how the 2008 presidential candidates are using the web, and vice versa, how content generated by voters is affecting the campaign.

The 2008 election will be the first where the Internet will play a central role, not only in terms of how the campaigns use technology, but also in how voter-generated content affects its course. plans to track all these changes in real-time, covering everything from campaign websites, online advertising and email lists to the postings on YouTube and who's got the fastest growing group of friends on Facebook.

Our team of bloggers is made of veterans of the 2004 and 2006 elections, ranging across the political spectrum. Their expertise covers everything from website design to the latest in mobile tools and social networking sites. And we'll look closely not just at what the campaigns are or are not doing, but what voters and activists are doing online to independently affect the election.

In addition to the Personal Democracy Forum editorial staff, the contributors to include:
David All, former communications director for Rep. Jack Kingston

Michael Bassik, VP of MSHC, expert on online political advertising

Mindy Finn, former internet director of Rick Santorum's 2006 Senate campaign and former deputy director of e-campaigns for the Republican National Committee

Steve Garfield, Video-blogging pioneer

Lynne d Johnson, Senior Editor,

Zack Exley, Director of Online Organizing and Communications, Kerry/Edwards '04

Jack McEnany Editor at LostNation.TV

Justin Oberman,, expert on mobile phone use in politics

Chris Rabb, Publisher, Afro-Netizen

Liza Sabater, Publisher, CultureKitchen

Nancy Scola, former internet organizer with Mark Warner's 2008 presidential campaign

Ruby Sinreich,, expert on online social networks

Zephyr Teachout, former internet director of Howard Dean's 2004 presidential campaign

Mike Turk, former e-campaign director of the Republican National Committee and Bush-Cheney 2004 also includes several innovative features for tracking the 2008 presidential campaign online [some of these are still in development]:

    A daily digest of fresh news clips, blog posts and campaign initiatives
    Live from-the-campaign-trail photo feeds created by voters
    Campaign website reviews
    Links to campaign ads and websites (official and unofficial)
    Charts showing who's winning the most friends on MySpace and Facebook
    Detailed tracking of incoming blog links showing who's hot and why [to come]

    Up-down voting on each candidate [to come]

    A searchable repository of emails from each campaign [to come]

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02.16.07 11:08 PM

My quilt has a lot of cool new tools. this one is called a music quilt. it features the top artists that i listen to. at some point, if you were to visit this page again, the artists will eventually change according to my listening habits.

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02.14.07 12:04 PM

This is Vox

My interview with Mena Trott, president of Six Apart, the company behind TypePad, LiveJournal, and Movable Type, talking about her company's latest venture -- the blogging community Vox.


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02.14.07 02:04 AM

Essence .vs Vogue

Which magazine has the best Jennifer Hudson cover?

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02.13.07 09:23 PM

Now That Social Media Is In, What's Next?

wikioFirst blogging was the next big thing, and then MSM got a hold of it. Then social networking was the next big thing, and MSM and search engine titans gobbled it up. Somewhat left on the fringes was social media, but once the WSJ covers it, and it moves beyond the realm of geeks (or is that the techno-cool, or techno-snobs)...well, then, what then becomes of a well-financed idea just waiting to become a viable business?

As the WSJ story goes:

"A new generation of hidden influencers is taking root online, fueled by a growing love affair among Web sites with letting users vote on their favorite submissions. These sites are the next wave in the social-networking craze -- popularized by MySpace and Facebook. Digg is one of the most prominent of these sites, which are variously labeled social bookmarking or social news. Others include (recently purchased by Condé Nast), (bought by Yahoo), and Netscape relaunched last June with a similar format."

Cool! But you knew about all of those tools already, didn't you? They are, is it may happen in the world of Internet geekdom, ahh, so passé. There you are always searching for the next, next, next thing that just might blow up.

Well in the world of social media, my money, oh if I had any, would be on that Luxembourg-based media search company Wikio, that's based in France, United States, Germany, Italy and Spain. I don't know, but the last time I checked, there was no,, or Well, I mean, those URLs exist, but they have absolutely nothing to do with digg as we know it here in the U.S.

Why am I so hot on Wikio all of the sudden? The latest headlines of course: Wikio Secures $5.3 Million in Series A Funding. Whether it languishes as a European phenomena as bebo has, or even as Cyworld has remained a South Korean success story, will all be told in just a matter of time.

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02.12.07 11:32 PM

8 Ball Jacket

8 Ball Jacket, originally uploaded by lynneluvah.

My boy at Style told me that the 8 Ball Jacket was back and I didn't believe him. But ever since he told me, I've been seeing them like crazy in Harlem, BK, and the BX. I spotted this one in a children's store on 125th. You know, people got killed over these jackets back in the day.

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02.09.07 12:04 AM

Job: Associate Editor, Online

One of the most vibrant online business publishers in the country,, has a new opening for an individual with an editorial background and experience in/or a deep interest in community/social networking. This wide-ranging position will include daily editorial support for a social network, researching and writing original content, including blogs, planning and assigning stories, proofreading and copyediting, performing daily site updates, providing quality assurance, and working with the production and design teams, as well as interns, and assisting the senior editor. For immediate consideration, please contact

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02.06.07 06:36 PM

Best Quote of the Week

I got paid just the same.” - OJ Simpson

Due to public disapproval and other issue, the book, If I Did It, won't be published, but he's still got money in the bank.

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02.01.07 01:47 AM

New York City Blogger Summit

ny_blogger_summit.jpg I must be sleeping under a rock. How is it that I missed the New York Blogger Summit hosted by NBC News in New York yesterday? The photo (courtesy of NBC) appears to be of Anil Dash of Six Apart fame speaking with one of the news folks down at the local NBC about blogging. For those of you who don't live in New York city, who weren't there or didn't see it on TV, there's a video on the NBC site.

Since I wasn't there, I've been scouring the Web to look for reactions and observations from those who attended the event. This is what I've come up with so far.

Jennifer Dziura says:
"It made me wonder what, really, do bloggers have in common? We all use the internet to publish short, frequent articles about ... er ... stuff. Getting a room full of bloggers together is kind of like gathering together everyone who uses pencils."

Bill Sobel says:
"It was an interesting mix of people and I will talk about them more over the next few days...however what I was most impressed about was NBC's interest in what we do...what we are interested in and the kinds of things we can be doing together."

Louise Crawford says:
"NBC wants to make nice with NYC bloggers. They want our stories, they want our tips. They want the "content" that we're finding in our neighborhoods, on our beats."

Crafty says:
"But to recap in as few words as possible: WNBC TV wants to work with bloggers, they want to trade stories, links, photos and video. Interesting. Though a relatively early move for the local TV news industry, possibly in some ways too late. Also, I think they were sad when they heard most people don't watch local news."

Looks like most folks having blogged about it yet, or the blog entries about the event just aren't showing up in the search engines as of yet. And since Technorati is down, I can't find much more.

If you were there, please post a comment about what it was really like being in a room with 129 bloggers from NYC and what it was like to have the local network tell you they want to work with you.

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