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11.30.06 12:16 PM

new media beat 11.30.06

Yahoo Launches Mobile Social-Networking Service
Yahoo has quietly launched an experimental site that offers mobile-phone subscribers the ability to send text messages and share videos and pictures among friends. The service follows a trend among Internet portals to offer mobile social-networking services. (Information Week)

Sling Media hires former MTV digital chiefs
The maker of Slingbox, a set-top box that lets viewers watch cable television on laptops and advanced cellphones, has hired former chief digital officer at MTV Networks Jason Hirschorn, and former vice president of MTV digital media Ben White, the company said. (Reuters)

BitTorrent Signs Major Deals to Distribute Download-for-Pay Content
News broke this week that the file-sharing technology creators have made deals with a variety of content providers to "legitimately" distribute TV shows and films for Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and MTV Networks. (MIT Convergence Culture Consortium Weblog)

MTVN Developing 'Hyper-Programmed' Site
MTV Networks' Music and Logo Group is developing over 20 new Web sites in what the company calls "hyper-programmed" vertical channels focused on niche viewers interested in topics ranging from old school hip-hop to spiritual music to “Your Momma so Fat” jokes. (ClickZ News)

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11.30.06 01:38 AM

Rockefeller tree lighting ceremony

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11.29.06 02:21 AM

The Morphing Magazine

On Monday, Dec. 4, I'll be heading to The College of New Jersey to speak on a panel entitled, The Morphing Magazine: Online Publishing for a New Generation. I'll be joined by Ray Hennessey (editor at, Jillian St. Charles (online editor of Redbook magazine), and Blake Wilson (editorial assistant at Slate magazine).

We'll discuss what it takes to run an established print brand as a web site, as well as the future of the web for magazines. I'm looking forward to it, considering that piece -- The Changing Face Of Publishing -- that I wrote for the NY Press back in July deals with this topic thorougly. But as we'll be talking to students, I'm sure that there will be a heavy focus on the career aspect of working online -- even more than the focus on the soical, cultural, or economic aspects of this topic.

I'm not certain whether there'll be any audio or video recording of the event, but I'll do my best to get some audio and put it up on Odeo for listening. If all does not go well, I'll at least write up a recap.

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11.28.06 07:10 PM

Mini Cooper 2007


Look at her. She's a beauty. And the company's play on 2.0 tells us a lot about the driver it wants to be affiliated with. The automaker could have just said 2, but chose 2.0 instead to appeal to iPod users, and Mac users, Web 2.0 heads -- like bloggers, YouTubers, and the like.

With the release of the 2007 MINI Cooper, Mini has also release a new website. My favorite feature of the site, of course, is where the user gets to design and build their own car. I prefer the MINI S convertible.

The Mini Cooper S, which made its International debut alongside its sister, the 2007 MINI Cooper, at the 2006 Paris auto show in September, will start at $21,850. The new Mini doesn't look much different than the old, but I suppose, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Yet, it is a much faster vehicle, according to car expert reports. The new car is more about marketing and production than anything else. The old Oxford plant couldn't meet demands, so since it needed an overhaul, why not update the car?

Slightly bigger -- though you'll hardly notice, the new Minis are turbocharged vs. supercharged. There are other minor differences between the Mini of yesterday and the one of today, in terms of engine and handling, but I suppose not even I will know the real differences until I take one for a spin.

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11.28.06 03:20 PM

RIP Bebe Moore Campbell

bebe_moore_campbell.jpg Bebe Moore Campbell died at her home in Los Angeles of complications from brain cancer on Monday. She was 56.

The author of three New York Times bestsellers -- Brothers and Sisters, Singing in the Comeback Choir, and What You Owe Me, as well as the novel, Your Blues Ain't Like Mine, which was a New York Times notable book of the year and the winner of the NAACP Image Award for Literature -- Campbell tackled such topics as racism and the problems of mental illness.

Her interest in mental health was the catalyst for her first children's book, Sometimes My Mommy Gets Angry, which was published in September 2003. This book won the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) Outstanding Literature Award for 2003. The book tells the story of how a little girl copes with being reared by her mentally ill mother. She took up the mental illness challenge further in her first play, "Even with the Madness," which revisited the theme of mental illness and the family and debuted in New York in June 2003.

Campbell disclosed the fact that there was mental illness in her family but was not specific about the details.

As a journalist Ms. Campbell has written articles for The New York Times Magazine, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, Essence, Ebony, Black Enterprise, and other publications. She is a regular commentator for National Public Radio's Morning Edition.

Ms. Campbell was born and reared in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and received a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in elementary education from the University of Pittsburgh. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Ellis Gordon Jr. She has a son and a daughter.

Contributions in her name can be made to the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill at NAMI Urban Los Angeles, 4305 Degnan Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90008; or to the United Negro College Fund, 8260 Willow Oaks Corporate Park Drive, P.O. Box 10444, Fairfax, VA 22031.

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11.27.06 04:30 PM

The Addictive Nature of The Wire


Jason Toney is a serious fan of HBO's The Wire. It's most likely his fault that I've become addicted. My association with Jason's fandom goes back even farther than these weekly write ups he wrote about the series, like this one on The Wire: Glitches in the System (404). He's actually been writing about the series since it started as far as I can remember -- here and there, off and on.

For a while, I didn't know where to fit The Wire in. Or, I should say, if it made sense to me. But suddenly, it took on a life of its own in my mindspace, and has become a pleasant addiction extending beyond my very own control.

For instance, last night, as soon as it turned midnight, I checked HBO on Demand to make sure next week's episode was up and ready for viewing. It was. So I sat and watched -- intently. You see HBO on Demand makes episodes of The Wire and Def Comedy Jam available for subscribers, beginning on Mondays. That is it makes next week's episode available. The episode that most people won't see until the following Sunday that is.

So just as most people are watching this week's episode on Sunday, I'm already watching next week's episode. This puts me 6 days ahead of the average viewer. But I don't discuss my addiction with anyone. This is something I do alone, in private. I told you. I'm very addicted. Honestly, I believe a lot of people are.

And no, I won't tell you what's happening on next Sunday's episode. If you don't have HBO On Demand, you'll just have to wait.

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11.22.06 02:35 PM

Panels for SXSW Interactive Confirmed

The wait is over. The 2007 panels for SXSW Interactive have been confirmed. Though there'll be no reincarnation of Blogging While Black this year, I'll be on hand on Friday afternoon, March 9 with the special "How to Rawk SXSW."

Here's a sampling:

How to Bluff Your Way in Web 2.0
"I'm Good, Really!": Self-Marketing for the Freelance Web Geek

Lonelygirl15 Case Study
Production Companies 2.0: Taking Online Video to the Next Level

Stop Designing Products
Bullet Tooth Web Design: Plan Your Web Site like Pulling off a Robbery

Distribution 2.0
Emerging Social and Technology Trends

AJAX or Flash: What's Right for You?
Pimp My Legos: Teaching Kids to Program

Can Your Social Network Handle A Corporate Culture?
World Domination Via Collaboration

Bridging the Online Cultural Divide
Do You Blog on the First Date?

For the full list, visit SXSW Interactive.

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11.21.06 03:15 PM

Washington Post Loses 2 Reporters to Web

So you still think this Web thing is a joke, huh?

Two prominent Washington Post political reporters are leaving the newspaper to join a new Web-focused venture, underscoring how new media is stealing talent from some of the most venerable brands in journalism.

John Harris, the Post's national political editor, and reporter Jim VandeHei are expected to lead the new multimedia venture, which also includes a soon-to-be launched Capitol Hill newspaper called the Capitol Leader. The venture is backed by Allbritton Communications Co. and will have at its disposal the resources of WJLA-TV, the Washington ABC affiliate owned by Allbritton, and regular features on CBS's "Face the Nation" and "CBS This Morning."

(Read more at The Wall Street Journal)

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11.21.06 01:39 PM

Jennifer to Beyoncé: It's My Destiny, Child!

I've been wondering why everyone keeps talking about Beyonce in Dreamgirls. She's not the star of the movie.

Who cares if Jennifer Hudson didn't win "American Idol"? With her performance as Effie White in "Dreamgirls," the big-voiced diva is getting enough critical acclaim to send her Grammy-winning co-star, the fabulous Beyoncé, over the edge with envy.
(Read more from
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11.17.06 10:44 PM

Another Blackberry Clone

nokia_e62.jpg So maybe it isn't fair to call the new Nokia E62 a Blackberry clone. As we all know, Nokia phones are far superior to most others. But it's just that every time I turn around, there's a new phone out emulating the style of the Blackberry, with similar features, hoping to become that next crack for the business set. Oh yes, and I forgot about the hip-hop crowd.

First there was Motorola's Q, and most recently there was Tmobile's Dash. But as a Mac user, I'm becoming less and less attracted to smartphones that use Windows Mobile technology. There's not a lot in it for me, unless I am syncing to an exchange server or intend to use Mark Space's Missing Sync for Windows Mobile. And while upgrading from a Sidekick II to a Tmobile MDA was a major improvement -- and definitely more grown and sexy -- there are often times when I feel the MDA just isn't all I'd hoped it to be. It's often sluggish, and the email triggers don't always work, though I've often found that the Wi-Fi connection keeps the device active better than GPRS does. And that's weird, because GPRS kicks ass.

But on with the Nokia E62. Since I haven't actually played with it yet, all I have to go by is what I've seen and read, like Engadget for one. But overall, it's definitely Mac compatible, as it plays both MP3 and AAC files. Running on Symbian OS, makes it a definite companion to the Mac OSX environment.

Yet I'm not switching just yet. Of all of these devices, the slimmest I've seen is the Tmobile Dash, and I've already said I'm not totally wedded to Windows Mobile 5. I'm also not so sure how much a fan I am of a QWERTY keyboard that makes typing with two hands a sure bet for getting arthritis in the thumbs. If someone could just come out with something like the SIdekick or MDA that slimmer and weighs less, and runs on Symbian OS -- I'd be all over it. I haven't seen it yet. But that doesn't mean it's not out there.

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11.17.06 10:24 PM

Best of the Blogs

Deutsche Welle announced the nominees for the third annual international Weblog awards, the BOBs -- the Best of the Blogs -- on Oct. 23.

The overall winner, announced Nov. 13, was Sunlight Foundation, a Weblog from the United States.

One of my favorites,, won for Best English Blog.

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11.17.06 05:22 PM

Enough w/the Jay-Z already

If you've been following, then the other day you read my post that discussed how Jay-Z has gotten into bed with some big brands in the past year, all leading up to the release of Kingdom Come. Well the latest, as reported by, is that there's Jigga TV over on now. Let Diddy have MySpace and YouTube, huh?

There's some serious boardroom, behind-closed-doors strategy at play here, but I just can't get my finger on it. It looks like Prohiphop might be on to something about this.

This got me thinking...

An aside, the blogosphere is littered with so many -- too many -- gossip and entertainment wannabee pundits. I wonder what half these cats would do if they had to sit down and come up with a real piece of investigative journalism, or a story that required some reporting -- not just opinion. Remember, opinions are like assholes...everybody's got one.

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11.17.06 03:28 PM

the wackest beef ever

a friend and i have been discussing the generational differences in hip-hop, especially as it relates to the criticism of jay-z and nas. as in jay-z and nas are old heads, and cats like lil wayne and t.i. are supposed to be the truth.

i think of this now, as i listen to Jim Jones f. Jay-Z & Juelz Santana - "We Fly High (Beef Mix)," and remember those disses that cam' put out toward jay awhile back. there's all this focus on age, instead of true skill. in that case, i suppose rakim is a dinosaur and in a battle young jeezy would take him out? saw vh1 hip-hop honors.

anyway, as these young guns go off and talk about how wack the old heads are, i wish they'd sit down and really listen to the content of the lyrical matter of some joints that came out in the late 80s and up through most of the 90s. first, they'll notice that not only have some of their favorite rappers bitten samples and beats, but they've also stripped a verse here or there and have tried to reclaim some of them as their own.

it's not like i'm saying old skool was the best, not the first old skool or the second, but if you cats are really, really, truly hip-hop fans educate yourself on the music. i'm not saying you gotta' respect it all, but educate yourself.

and this is not my saying that jay-z is the best rapper alive -- so why not leave the old man alone. i'm really just saying that this beef is wack. and hopefully jimmy is smart enough to know that his position on the billboard chart has to be challenged right now. whether jimmy deserves his spot or not, that's another question.

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11.17.06 12:37 AM


try as she might, miss ciara is just not...
aaliyah_2.jpg aaliyah.jpg

that's all i could keep thinking while watching ciara's video for "promise." you'll get what i mean once you watch the video yourself, as if you haven't already.

btw, i wonder how long it'll be before bet shuts this video down at youtube. everyone who's uploaded it there, recorded it from bet.

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11.16.06 06:26 PM

Brooklyn's Ballin'

Have you yet heard the Jay-Z track "Brooklyn High," dissing Jim Jones. Interesting he never came back for Cam, but I suppose in a sense he has. It's a dipset diss' overall.

Ok this is really turning into a Jay-Z blog. And from what I've heard of Kingdom Come, I'm not even feeling my man all that much. Well, that is of course if I don't consider the Nas/Jay-Z joint, "Black Republican," from Nas' upcoming Hip-Hop is Dead. That track right there, well it's straight fire. But that could be more of a Nas thing than a Jay-Z thing, huh?

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11.16.06 11:33 AM

Much Ado About Jay-Z

Jay-Z, president and CEO of Def Jam and Roc-A-Fella Records, has become a universal brand in the past year. And don't think that any of it was by accident either. In fact, it's highly likely that it was a well-planned strategy, focused on creating hype for the hip-hop mogul's return to the rap game. On November 21, he'll release a two-disc deluxe set, "Kingdom Come," his first solo studio album since his retirement in 2003, and he's not relying on YouTube or MySpace, as other music artists have done recently, to garner sales. In fact, just three days before the album ships, Jay-Z plans to board his private jet and hit seven cities to perform 30-minute shows within 24 hours. Cingular is on board to sponsor the spectacle, and MTV will air a 30-minute highlight special once the tour ends.

The tour is just the latest hurrah in a year-long marketing play that has endeared Jay-Z to more than just hip-hop aficionados. (read more)

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11.15.06 10:29 PM

Irv Gotti to star in his own reality series

Irv Gotti is to star and produce a new reality show for VH-1 charting his bling-bling lifestyle a year after being acquitted of money laundering.

Subsequently, he has worked on renegotiating his label's position with Universal Def Jam, and is looking forward to bigger and better things, he tolf the New York Post.

(via sound generator)

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11.14.06 09:33 PM

look who's guest blogging at xxl

jalylah burrell kicks a little hip-bop over at as this week's guest blogger.

those kids ain't ready for her.

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11.14.06 08:09 PM

Universes - Hip-Hop Theater 10th Anniversary

Universes, the hip Bronx-based ensemble that pioneered the hip-hop theater movement, showcases its best work in a tenth-anniversary celebration (November 16 through 19; $20–$50; call 212-352-3101 for tickets and details).

1. Poet Mentors

A gala benefit performance of sketches and readings by poet Willie Perdomo and playwright Dael Orlandersmith.

2. Blue Sweat

Making its New York premiere, Chay Yew’s mix of jazz, flamenco, blues, and poetry tells the tale of a down-and-out horn player.

3. Slanguage

Universes’ most famous work, a fast-paced hip-hop performance that’s loosely structured around a subway ride from Brooklyn to the Bronx.

4. Sunday Brunch

A concert reading of Ameriville, a new work that blends poetry and music and draws inspiration from Orson Welles’s War of the Worlds broadcast.

(via New York Magazine)

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11.13.06 02:07 PM

Rakim is Back (Icon Magazine Interview)

If you enjoyed seeing him on VH1 Hip Hop Honors as much as I did, you'll love this.

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11.10.06 10:35 PM

this is why i'm hot

I think I'm being influenced by MySpace.

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11.09.06 07:16 PM

Reverse Festival 3

Bronx Museum
1040 Grand Concourse at 165th St
Bronx NY 10456 | 718.681.6000

Film presentation
Youth will be served, and their films showcased as we discover the creative energies that are being developed by local youth filmmakers. The Bronx Museum's Medial Lab, Ghetto Film School and other invited youth organizations will each present several short films made by each program's dynamic young filmmakers.
Q&A will follow the screenings.

Each One, Tech One: How Does Digital Work
This introduction to the days events will consist of workshop instructors giving an overview to the day as it relates to the ways educators, community organizers, and independent media can use the workshops to their benefit.
Ron Kavanaugh, Reverse Festival organizer

New School Pedagogy: Introduction to Digital Media Teaching Tools
The facilitator, using the Bronx Museum’s DVD interview with hip-hop legend Africa Bambaataa, will explore how contemporary cultural icons can be brought into the classroom through digital media and used in various aspects of course study.
Instructor: Charlotte Gapp, Education Resources Coordinator, Bronx Museum

Digitizing Words: Putting your Video Project on the Internet
Digitally produced films are all the rage but how do you get from idea to finished product? This workshop will focus on hardware and freeware used to take your project from camera to the internet.
Instructor: Lynne d Johnson,

Tropicalia gallery tour

Casting A Wide Net: Using the Internet for Podcast and Vidcasts
Podcasting and vidcasting are everywhere, but what exactly is it and how can it be utilized to get your message across the “airwaves” and into the mind of a student? Learn how to create, collect, and transfer recordings to make your unique digital classroom.
Instructor: Stosh Mintek, Ghetto Film School

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Reverse Festival 3" addthis:url="">

11.09.06 06:43 PM

Ed Bradley, 60 Minutes, Dead


Bradley, a long-time reporter for CBS News whose portfolio ranged from uncovering the killing fields of Cambodia to interviews with notables ranging from mass murderer Timothy Mc Veigh to megacelebrities such as Patti Labelle and Tiger Woods, died today of complications of leukemia, according to news reports. (Read the rest from Professor Kim via

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11.08.06 08:12 PM

web 2.0 culture


via eric rice via blaugh

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11.06.06 12:24 PM

web 2.0 bound

Heading out to San Fran tonight for Web 2.0. If you're out there, send me an email. Blogging at will be on hiatus this week, as any coverage of the conference will appear at the Fast Company blog, FC Now.

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11.06.06 11:49 AM

She's My DJ!

"More Tricks in 2006!" She's My DJ! Female Hip-Hop

Mix & Scratch Battle Competition is back!

Hosted By Ralph McDaniels and Celebrity Guest Judge, jazzy Joyce

November 7th, 2006 @ SOB’s

It’s international Hip-Hop month and Tuesday, November 7th, and Mocha Works, Marketing presents She’s My DJ! ‘More Tricks in 2006!’ Female Hip-Hop DJ Mix & Scratch Battle Competition sponsored by Sam Ash Music & Verizon Wireless.

IIn two more days, we’ll see who’s gonna take the #1 Title and 1st Prize of $500 Cash and additional products to the bank.

For more info:

Supporters:,, Scratch DJ Academy,, WLIU 88.1 FM, Lady D Wells of 98.7 Kiss FM, Scratch Magazine, Cisco’s Corner TV,, C-Truth of WHCR 90.3FM,, Netmedia Mobile Advertising,, 1.FM JAMZ NextUpRadio,

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11.02.06 01:32 PM

jay-z, life cover and album cover

When I was a kid, the cover of LIFE magazine was for the shooting of John F. Kennedy or Martin Luther King Jr., now Jay-Z is showing us that it's for the comeback of rappers. Go figure.


Some quotes from the Life Cover story:

"I listen to the song 'Victory' on Puff's No Way Out album," Jay-Z tells LIFE of his preshow routine. "When Notorious B.I.G. comes in on the first verse, it feels like Rocky to me."

"When I'm onstage, I'm thinking, Is this going to be the town where they don't know the music? But even in Poland, they knew my lyrics," Jay-Z tells LIFE.

"I don't feel like I'm living in a bubble. I still feel like a man of the people," says Jay-Z, in a Mercedes in Paris, where his show sold out. "Give me great food and wine, and I'm good," he says. "I'm a cheap date."

And, this image is rumored to be the album cover for Kingdom Come.


Images via Young, Black, and Fabulous

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11.01.06 06:51 PM

More on my John Legend Theory

The other day, I wrote a post linkening John Legend to Johnny Mathis. Well, in today's The Arts section of The New York Times, Sia Michel, former editor-in-chief of Spin, somewhat cosigns my theory. She wrote:

"If Mr. Legend wants to play a bad boy, infidelity is pretty much all he’s got. A dignified Ivy League-educated pianist and singer who specializes in romantic neo-soul songs, he is often photographed sitting at a baby grand in a V-neck sweater and tailored pants. It is hard to think of a more collegiate R & B man; unlike some soul stars, Mr. Legend kept his white T-shirt on throughout the show, despite a few pleas of “Take it off!”"


"Surprisingly, there are far fewer hip-hop influences on “Once Again,” which in contrast to its predecessor has more of a sprightly, classic ’60s soul feel and “sweet as honeydew” lyrics. If a curse were removed, “Slow Dance” could have been an AM radio hit during the Johnson administration, with its da-da-da-da backing vocals and genteel groove."

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11.01.06 05:55 PM

Mick Boogie Presents Superman Returns

mick_boogie_superman_return.jpg As I sit here listening to Mick Boogie's Mick Boogie Presents Superman Returns...Hov Is Back, I appreciate his intentions. I mean, who doesn't like a Mick Boogie remix right? And while might think we're in need of Jay-Z right now, I'm not so convinced.

Granted, I've been a Hov fan since way back, before way back. Believe it or not, he used to be a neighbor of mine in BK and I had the opportunity to conduct one of the first Roc-A-Fella interviews from a business angle for a little youth pub I used to write for back in the mid 90s. Even got to pop "Cris," yeah "Cris," with Hov and Dame. And since the director of some of his first videos had a crush on the kid, I even almost got a chance to appear in one. Chickened out, of course.

But anyway, this post ain't about me, it's about Jay-Z. Superman? Nah. I would have believed that maybe even a year ago, before all of his weak verses on his latest collabs, and the release of "Show Me What You Got." There's this little cultural practice called "Passing The Torch," ever heard of it? Some cats just need to do that. Put down the mic, and be business men and leaders. But that's another story. Back to Mick Boogie's mixtape.

This compilations is definitely for the fans who have been missing Jay-Z, which I have. So in that way, it's good. All good. It features a few of the latest collabs I mentioned in the afore paragraph -- Lupe Fiasco, Young Jeezy, Kanye West, Beyonce. My favorites: Ray Cash featuring Scarface and Jay-Z on "Bumpin' My Music (Remix)," and then there's Jay-Z and Angelous (you know the BK MC who sounds oh so similar to Jay-Z, including flow and ad libs) on "Brooklyn." But a relistening of "Allure," and the addition to Reasonable Doubts "22 Twos" in a verse title "44 Fours" ain't bad listening either.

Jay-Z's live performance of "44 4's" at the Nokia Theater, celebrating the anniversary of Reasonable Doubt.

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11.01.06 11:20 AM

You know you live in the 'hood when...

...You realize that the kids attempting to assist you with your grocery bags at the supermarket are actually plotting to to steal your groceries.

...Not only was the grow house (a la Weeds) next door to your apartment busted, but so was the other one in the building around the corner (that your landlord also owns).

...There are two 24 hour bodegas on opposite corners of the same street block, right across the street from you.

...There are two burglaries in two separate buildings that your landlord owns within one week's time. One around one corner from you, and one around the other.

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11.01.06 01:40 AM

The Plan Behind That Power Play

"In the summer of 2005, troubled by declining sales, waning market share and bulging inventories, General Motors began offering its employee discount program -- traditionally reserved for employees, retirees and their family members -- to consumers. The tactic proved wildly popular with bargain-hunting car buyers: GM's sales increased 41% in June, making it the auto maker's best month in 19 years. Seeing this, Ford and DaimlerChrysler decided to get in on the action, making offers in July that mirrored GM's program. It was a prolific selling period for all three brands, but after several extensions of their respective programs sales eventually trailed off." (Read More | By Lynne d Johnson | The Wall Street Journal | Books)

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11.01.06 01:11 AM

Hip-Hop Studies Week @ Duke -- November 7-9, 2006

“Teach the Bourgeois and Rock the Boulevard”: Hip-Hop Studies and the Academy

Schedule of Events

Tuesday, November 7, 2006
White Lecture Hall, Room 107
7:00 PM
Screening: Beyond Beats and Rhymes: Masculinity and Hip-Hop-A film by Byron
Hurt. Discussion and Q&A with Filmmaker

Wednesday, November 8, 2006
John Hope Franklin Center, Room 240
(Wednesday at the Center)
A Conversation with Joan Morgan, award-winning journalist and author of
When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost: My Life as a Hip-Hop Feminist (1999)

Wednesday, November 8, 2006
Giles Common Room (East Campus)
5:30 pm
Reception for Hip-Hop Studies Week @ Duke

Wednesday, November 8, 2006
White Lecture Hall, Room 107
7:00 PM
Panel Discussion-Drop It Like it's Hot: Sex, Race, Gender and Hip-Hop
Participants: Byron Hurt; Joan Morgan, Tim'm West (Trinity '97) and Special Guests


The purpose of “Teach the Bourgeois and Rock the Boulevard”: Hip-Hop Studies and the Academy is to critically examine the emergence of Hip-Hop Studies as a legitimate field of study. There are more than 150 colleges and universities that currently offer courses with significant content related to hip-hop culture and with the creation of a Hip-Hop Archive, founded at Harvard by anthropologist Marcylina Morgan and currently residing at Stanford University, combined with the Smithsonian's recent announcement that it intends to mount an exhibit on Hip-Hop culture, this conference could not be better timed.

While the development of hip-hop as a musical genre and cultural phenomenon has been researched and written about extensively, our interest is in using “Teach the Bourgeois and Rock the Boulevard” to examine issues critical to everyday life in contemporary American society, with a particular focus on the intersections a sex, race, gender, class and sexual preference in contemporary popular culture


John Hope Franklin Center, Institute for Critical US Studies, Franklin
Humanities Institute, Cultural Anthropology, Women's Studies at Duke,
Office of the Provost, Division of Student Affairs, English Department,
Duke University Center for International Studies, African and African
American Studies, Film/Video/Digital Program

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