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07.29.06 08:11 PM

Live Blogging: Next Level Naked

Moderator: Jory Des Jardins

Panelists: Mecca Ibrahim (burned out then London bombings gave her new energy, and now works for Yahoo 360 which has changed things in terms of responsibility)

Lauren Bruce (formerly of feministe now blogs as a man feels she's writing fiction)

Maryam Scoble (started blogging through osmosis. married to Scoble and had a built in audience from day one. started blogging in 2005.)

Should you have a balance does it matter?

What happens when you have an audience that expects you to blog a certain way?

How do you establish that authenticity?

Lauren was asked did she read Self-Made Man. A lesbian journalist who spent some time as a man. She ultimately had a nervous breakdown.

Lauren says it didn't occur to start as a man but wanted to go anonymous. So after quitting feministe started something else, and felt masculinity was being imposed upon her. She decided to go on as a man. Because I'm still in feminist spaces, people are saying you are a privileged man what do you know. But she can't say I'm not.

Mecca - I often get people who are confused about my being a man because I write about trains and the underground. It's quite weird when people meet me and realize I'm a woman. Because my name is Mecca sometimes people still think I'm a male. I don't think I have a particularly female voice when I blog.

Lauren doesn't know how this experiment is going yet.

Mecca feels like it shouldn't matter what gender you are to what you blog about.

Question from live chat: In blogging as a man couldn't you use your real voice?

Lauren says for her it wasn't getting naked but instead putting her clothes back on. There are so many things I have to leave out because I'm blogging as a man and I don't always feel authentic.

A single father who blogs about his kids asks does that mean he's blogging as a female? No one answers but heads nod.

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07.29.06 03:33 PM

Live Blogging: Identity and Obligations

Do you feel obligated to represent for your gender, race, culture? Featuring: Maria Niles, Karen Walrond, Dawn Rouse, Marisa Trevino and Carmen Van Kerckhove

Dawn: Writes 3 blogs - I'm Doing the Best I can (primary) Gimlet Blog and True Life Confessions. I am the wife of a black man with a PhD from Detroit. I'm starting mine in the fall at McGill so we just moved to Canada. I blog about just about everything in my family. I talk about racial issues, gender issues, my depression, and finding my way as a a mother. I don't represent black America. My role is to be a white ally and essentially testify to the things I've seen as the wife of a man of color in the US. Recently I wrote a post Try to Catch Him Riding Dirty. I took photos as it was happening. It's not that I'm saying be outraged white America. I need to prepare my daughter for this.

Karen: chookooloonks started writing it about two years ago when me and my husband where matched with the woman who was going to become my daughter's birth mother. it found it's own voice and became this big adoption blog. since my daughter came home it's been less of an adoption blog and more of a mommy blog. when my daughter turned one my husband got an opportunity in my homeland Trinidad and Tobago. so I quit my corporate job and we moved there. my blog is text heavy but i do take some photos. we do have contact with the birth mother but we don't talk about her life. I'm in an interracial family, I'm Trini, my husband is white english and my daughter is american. i don't talk about my marriage. it's a strong healthy happy marriage but i don't put it out there.

Maria: I'm here to represent the people who feel they don't have any obligation to represent. i blog at about personal finance. i have two personal blogs one is business and i use my real name. people can probably guess that I'm a woman but i have no picture of myself. my obligation is to the readers to talk about marketing to consumers. my other blog i use a pseudonym the name is wag, it's about one of my dogs you get funny stories about Chihuahuas. i sometimes talk about race. i don't want to set preconceptions. people think I'm white so feel the need to share their perspective about black people with me. that's me that my identity that's my obligation.

Carmen: I do it all with my friend and partner started out as watchdog organization. started in april 2004. it's kind of lost the watchdog part. things have gotten much better. today it's about the intersection of race and pop culture. we talk about how barbara Walters keeps pulling black woman's hair on the view to angelina jolie's baby collecting. the podcast is about everything to do with race. we had an interview with octavia butler. jen and i are both asian and white. we're anti-racist activists. we don't talk about our personal lives much. we used to have a section on the podcast called racial spy - focused on things people say when they don't realize you're a member of the race they're talking about.

Marisa: I'm a racial spy. I'm Latina. I'm also a freelance journalist. The Latina voice is still very underrepresented in the mainstream press. so when blogs where born i started latinalista to get the latina voice out. as the immigration debate has heated up my boundaries had to be broadened. i totally represent. I'm more of a journalist on my site. so I'm infusing my opinion on current events. there are a lot of crazy people out there. they found out what i look like now on blogher. I'm not finding it to be too much of a problem. i do talk about race all the time. i do talk about my gender.

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07.29.06 12:19 PM

Gladwell on the Future of Print

Malcolm Gladwell, the author of blink and The Tipping Point, writes on his blog about the future of print. It's a topic I've been exploring lately myself, particularly in this op-ed piece, "The Changing Face of Publishing." Gladwell, like myself, does believe there is a future for the print product, but he's finding himself an outsider with his theories.

In fact, he was rebuked by Chris Anderson, the editor of Wired and author of The Long Tail. In the post, Gladwell goes on to discuss the derivative nature of blogs. It's actually quite interesting reading.

This post is possibly also being derivative as its adapting from his post, the same way he explores blogs borrowing from other blogs or the print medium.


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07.28.06 03:36 PM


(photo by smiely)

The photo above is of me test driving the new Saturn Sky during a break at the BlogHer conference in San Jose. I know you can barely see me, but unfortunately I can't help the fact that I have a really tiny head.

My blogging here about the conference might be a little limited as I'll be posting much of what I'd write over here.

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07.26.06 07:54 PM

The Changing Face of Publishing

It’s no secret. Magazine and newspaper circulation and ad sales are down and paper costs are up. Publishers are scrambling for methods to keep up with today’s digital lifestyle—and to catch eyeballs—but are often running into far too many misses than hits.

First there were those who completely missed the boat. You know the publications that stayed clear of the Web during the first Internet boom? Feeling vindicated after the bust, these publications either remained offline with no changes to the print brand or only half-heartedly erected an online companion. (We’re not talking about The New York Times or Wall Street Journal here.) But now we’re in the Web 2.0 days, and people are watching more than 100 million videos a day on Internet video search site YouTube. (More)

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07.25.06 07:09 PM

links for 7.25.06 social networking, HP, Snakes, and more

Since I don't utilize delicious the way I should...I still have to write link posts.

Best Of Apophenia
danah boyd's compendium of her posts about social media, social software, social networks and other industry-relevant topics.

World Premiere of Pharrell's HP Commercial snagged an exclusive of HP's "The Computer is Personal Again" ad with Pharrell. I'm still a fan of Jay-Z's though. Also read an overview of HP's viral marketing campaign at FC Now.

Snakes on a Plane Trailer
I'm starting to get the feeling that the movie may not live up to its hype. I could be wrong of course.

Nubian: Blogging While Black
Feministing interviews Nubian about why being a black feminst blogger is extremely challenging.

Nigga Know Technology
I first read about it on Gawker last week. Yeah, Gawker of all places. But it appears that whomever is behind the site had a serious promotional strategy working over at collegehumor. I IMd the link out to some of my network and got varying responses (some thought hilarious, others thought it couldn't be black folk behind it). Later on in the weekend I got a few emails from some other folks I know who had heard about the site and were offended by it, yet they were sending out a link to it. Personally, I don't know what to think. Part of me feels its no different than Dave Chappelle. But then we all know what happened to Chappelle.

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07.22.06 10:40 PM

Blogher Session: Ten types of Web writing - Get the words out

Award-winning journalist and Blogher co-founder Lisa Stone and I will team-lead a session on writing on Friday afternoon at BlogHer '06. We'll blast through ten different ways to write powerfully online; Then the group will sit down and work together on some headlines and a book review.

To do so, we're asking other bloggers we know to help: Can you provide us with the best (or worst) headlines, link blogs or memes, long essays, short reviews, Q&As, how-tos and even use of art with words that you've ever seen? These are not empty questions - they're essential to the course. Why? Elisa Camahort nailed it when she asked in this excellent write-up what people who attend this session never want to hear again about writing.

Rather than talk to you, Lisa and I plan to examine some of (the best and worst) with you.

Here's what's posted at Blogher about the workshop.

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07.20.06 04:44 PM

jam on it

if you came of age in the 80s as i did, then you'll know what i'm talking about here. there was a brief time in musical history where electro-pop was that s***. take my word for it. break kids uprocked to it. lock and poppers, well, locked and popped to it. rollerskaters - rollerskated to it. and some like me, did that mad crazy freestyle thing.

so if that electro swing was your thing then you know who newcleus is. well if you don't know newcleus is or what their hit "jam on it" sounds like then stop reading this post b/c you'll definitely have no use for what i'm about to tell you next.

newcleus 24 track studio rough mixes - for free download - here (thanks for the link ethan)

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07.19.06 03:39 PM

Fergie - London Bridge (Video)

This is Fergie's video from her upcoming solo debut.

We say no - STOP! Either Shawnna of DTP ghost wrote the lyrics or Fergie is straight-up jacking her flow. Otherwise, I'd like to know, what the f... is a london bridge supposed to signify. I can't think of any part of me that I'd equate with London Bridge.

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07.18.06 06:22 PM

get hugg'd

first things were delicious but then you had to start to digg to get dugg. then magnolia followed the delicious model and netscape followed digg's.

but perhaps it's all a bit too much now.

do you really want to get a hugg from a stranger?

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07.15.06 03:30 PM

Nas - His Life And Rhymes

YouTube video of the day: Nas - Nas - One Love (Live On MTV Life And Rhymes)

As I sit and listen to Nas - Where Y'all At from his upcoming def jam realease Hip-Hop Is Dead I'm feeling like hip-hop isn't dead at all. In fact, he's taking us back to '94 to his Illmatic days - it might actually be his pre-Illmatic days on this one. If the rest of Hip-Hop Is Dead sounds like Where Y'all At, then I'm cosigning it.

The live taping of One Love featured above is from an MTV taping of Nas' Life And Rhymes. I was at the taping, but didn't even know it aired until a friend over in the UK alerted me that he spotted my face. (Big ups and 'nuff respect to Harry Pitters from de Mindlabrecordings crew 'dem.) Thanks to YouTube, I haven't actually missed this show at all.

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07.14.06 12:40 AM

oprah's gone natural

Just when I deemed straight hair in, Oprah's gone and gotten herself a twa (teeny-weeny afro). She appears with a cropped 'fro on the cover of the August issue of O. I'm not stating my opinion on this one. Look at the cover for yourself.

(Editor's note: My dear friend J. picked up this issue and says she's not natural and that her hair is pulled back. I saw the cover and swore it was a 'fro. Oh well. I should have figured there would have been a grand annoucement.)

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07.12.06 10:53 AM

racially charged sony white psp ad pulled


This racially charged Sony White PSP Dutch Billboard's image has been making the rounds on the Internet(s). Yesterday, Sony said it pulled the ad and apologized to anyone offended by the ad. The advertisement was only running in the Dutch market.

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07.11.06 11:28 AM

links for 07.11.06

Japanese Online Community, Habbo, gets 6 Million Investment
Habbo Hotel is one of the largest teen online communities with 18 different hotels. It is a virtual world for young people, a massively multiplayer online game where teenagers create their own virtual character and interact with other characters in the hotel. Habbo Hotel provides the means for self-expression, creativity, fun and curiosity within a positive community. A place where young people can meet friends - and make new ones.

TagWorld Launches First Video Chat for Social Networking
TagWorld, the leading next generation social networking site, today launched TagWorld Video Chat -- the world's first instant text messaging and live video chat for a social network site. This free feature enables TagWorld members to see and chat live with their friends and other members of the community in real time whether logged on to TagWorld or not. The two versions of TagWorld Video Chat -- downloadable desktop client and web-based interface -- work with all webcams.

NBC to enter Social Networking Fray with
Despite reports to the contrary, a purchase of social networking site by NBC Universal is not a done deal. According to a source inside NBC Universal, the company is looking at Tribe's back-end technology for possible integration with its digital properties, which include iVillage,, and (Clickz)

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07.10.06 06:23 PM

Why have you been watching the World Cup?

Why is everyone so into the World Cup all of a sudden?

The players are hot
I like to see the Puma and Adidas outfits
Soccer kills it (it rocks)
American sports are starting to suck

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07.07.06 08:42 PM

according to


According to my profile, the above image represents the albums I've most listened to tracks from since joining the service on Dec. 19, 2005. This image chart denotes music listened to on iTunes at both home and work and synched from my iPod. Here's the rundown on how those albums got to be the top 10.

Lil Wayne - The Carter II
I wasn't typically a fan of Lil Wayne, the Hot Boys, or Cash Money for that matter. Then I started listening to Lil Wayne mixtapes and his verses on other artist's tracks and I realized that he had really grown as an artist...especially during the period where he somewhat mimicked Jay-Z's style. And then I heard "Hustler Muzik" and decided to give The Carter II a true listen. I ended up listening to that track every day. Lyrically, he kills it on that track. "Shooter" featuring Thicke is another standout track for me from this album. Overall, it's a cohesive set with introspective topical matter. Besides, sonically this is a soul-stirring offering.

Aaliyah - I Care 4 U
Often I wonder where Aaliyah's career would be today had she lived. Where would she stand amongst the Cassie's, Cheri Dennis's, Shareefa's, Black Buddafly, Yummy Bingham's, and Megan Rochell's of the new music industry. Personally I think she'd still be standing. Many of her tracks have become timeless, and can we just say that "I Care 4 U," is one of the best lovemaking songs of the past 4 years.

Jaheim - Ghetto Love
Let's start off by admitting that contemporary R&B is not one of my favorite musical genres. Most of the time that I want to hear R&B I pull from the classics (circa 70s). Yet when Jaheim stepped on the scene there was something about his voice and swagger that interested me. "Just In Case," was of course the first track that caught my attention, though it was modeled after other male R&B artists who came out around the same time. "Could It Be," quickly became my next best-loved track on the album. The best way to explain my appreciation of Jaheim is that I like rough and smooth all-in-one package.

Jaheim - Still Ghetto
Interestingly, since I'm not the biggest R&B fan, especially not of complete albums (unless, of course, it's Mary J. Blige), that Jaheim ends up in my top ten more than once. On Still Ghetto my favorite track is "Beauty And Thug" featuring none other than Mary J. Blige. It's R&B for the hip-hop fan. "Diamond in da Ruff" and "Long As I Live" are also reasons this album ends up in my top ten.

Rahsaan Patterson - After Hours
There's a funny story about this album and me on Music artist Ramel Warren (myspace page) who goes by the name of kwame06 on noticed that I was listening to Rahsaan's music and proceeded to ask me what my favorite track was. When he named "The One For Me," as his favorite, I claimed that I never heard of it. So he sent me this album. Funny thing is I already had the album, in fact I have both After Hours and Rahsaan Patterson and am only missing Love In Stereo. I remember the first time I heard Rahsaan. It was a record release party for his first album and I took qool dj marv with me. Gordon Chambers was there and this was back in his Essence days. I liked that Rahsaan had that "old soul" sound. Now "The One For Me," as well as "Burnin'," "Forever Yours," and "Yeah Yeah Yeah" are some of my favorite tracks.

Common - Be
This was one of the best rap albums of 2005. Unfortunately it got overshadowed by Late Registration, and personally I feel that Be is a more grown and sexy sound. Though I was also a fan of Like Water for Chocolate, which I know many people weren't, Be proved how complex and sophisticated a lyricist that Common is. Favorite tracks: "Testify" (especially love the video with Taraji), "Go," "Faithful (featuring Bilal and John Legend)."

Jaheim - Ghetto Classics
Jaheim makes the top ten for the third time. To be quite honest, I didn't even realize that I listened to him that much. (But we must also consider the fact that doesn't have a lot of the album art for the music I listen to.) Ghetto Classics is not as great as the first two, but "Fiend (featuring Styles P)," and "Everytime I Think About Her (featuring Jadakiss)" are decent.

Roy Ayers Ubiquity - Everybody Loves The Sunshine
Roy Ayers, like James Brown and Parliment Funkadelic, is probably one of the most sampled artists. This album has been a major influence on spoken word artists, rappers, and R&B singers. When Roy is on the vibraphones on songs like "The Third Eye" and "The Golden Rod" it's simply bone-chilling. (I mean that in a good way). From beginning to end, this album is a classic. I can't think of one song on this set that I don't like.

Busta Rhymes - The Big Bang
I don't even think I have to explain this one...all I have to do is name the tracks. (In order of preference of course.)
In The Ghetto (featuring Rick James)
Get You Some (featuring Q-Tip and Marsha of Floetry)
New York Shit
Get Down
Let's just say I'm really feeling most of this album. Sometimes it's just the beat, sometimes it's just Bussa Bus's flow, and other times it's his lyrics.

Sade - Lovers Rock
This is basically the holdover waiting for her to return. I don't think there's been a Sade album that I haven't liked so it's really no need for me to go into a long explanation as to why this album ended up in the top ten.

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07.07.06 05:53 PM

hip-hop link dump 07.07.06

Prince William to become a Hip-Hop Star |
Pharell Williams has offered the Prince a chance to collaborate on the artist's new album. I suppose we can look forward to another Prince's Trust Urban Music Festival now.

Learn to Rock the Mic at the Library
The San Leandro Main Library in the Bay Area is offering three workshops in conjunction with the Bay Unity Music Project, a digital music production and recording program for young adults in the Bay Area, that will teach youth lyric-writing skills. Library is one-stop shop for hip-hop.

Hip-Hop Museum in the Boogie Down
From Jeff Chang -
the New York City Council approved $1.5 Million for a Hip-Hop Museum in The Bronx

The Return of Danyel Smith to Vibe Magazine

In a subject that I felt was left better up to others to explore, Jimi Izrael chops it up about what the return of Danyel Smith could mean for Vibe. He also proposes his own masthead mash-up. Good reading. (Also see Pro Hip-Hop's VIBE Acquisition Promotes Hip Hop Power Couple).

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07.07.06 12:29 PM

the thing about pirates of the caribbean

So, at midnight I go to the Loews Kips Bay Theater to see a special Digital Projection (DLP) of Pirates. I suppose DLP is to film as HD is to TV. I don't know. Anyway...

The movie was really long. But as with the first story, the script was truly amazing and Depp's performance was splendid...he continues to play the sissy-as-pirate character. Kiera Knightly and Orlando Bloom were also just as great as they were in the first rendition. The thing that was annoying about "Dead Man's Chest" though, is if you didn't see the first (you might be lost) and you're left wanting a third. Much of the film's delight comes via performances by Depp and some computer generated and FX (make up).

The reviews are lukewarm at best:

Reviews: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest | by Russ Breimeier | ChristianToday
'Pirates of the Caribbean': Eat My Jetsam, Davy Jones | by A. O. SCOTT | The New York Times
More Pirates | GreenCine Daily

And for a special added attraction:

'Pirates' Seizes YouTube | by Erik Sass | Online Media Daily

THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY THURSDAY launched a campaign on for the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest," marking the first time a national marketer has advertised on the popular video-sharing site. a href="">>>>

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07.06.06 06:54 PM

Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back

JT is back. Not sure I get this song...but the beat is kind of hot for the clubs. I can already hear a club remix by Danny Tenaglia or something.

Listen to Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back

powered by ODEO

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07.06.06 06:44 PM

Microsoft Enters the MP3 Player Game

Microsoft Readies iPod Killer For Christmas via FC Now

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07.06.06 05:58 PM

sidekick III here


the sidekick III is now available for tmobile customers only. july 10th is the official launch date, as previously reported "Sidekick III Coming in July" via

go to tmobile for more info

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07.04.06 03:03 PM

just when i was getting used to skype

I don't usually pay attention to the features in Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, AIM, Google Talk, or even iChat b/c I use Fire on the desktop and Agile Messenger on the Pocket PC phone and can therefore log into all those services from one client.

I use Skype to actually talk to people or make phone calls, but it seems that with the recent releases of some of the messenger services I've been doing myself a disservice by paying them no mind. Video conferencing and PC-to-Phone calls are just some of the latest developments in the messenger arena.

Since I'm a Mac user, I'll start there with what's new in offerings for messenger products...

Microsoft Messenger for Mac
Formerly known as MSN Messenger for Mac, this IM client's upgrade somewhat parallels the official release of Windows Live Messenger that became available for PCs on June 19. Windows Live offers VOIP and full screen video chat. The overall focus on the product is its ease-of-use of business. Messenger for Mac 5.1.1 features:

  • You can have both personal and corporate conversations going at the same time (If your organization uses Microsoft Live Communications Server. Think of it as a feature akin to Bonjour on iChat. Though you're on Microsoft Messenger and the person in the cube next to you is on AIM, you'll be able to connect through Microsoft Live.)

  • The GUI looks a lot like Safari or iChat

  • Multiple File Transfer

Yahoo Messenger for Mac
On June 29, Yahoo released a new beta messenger for Mac users. 3.0 Beta 1 has a new easier-to-use GUI with support for Yahoo Avatars. There's also the option to use your webcam with the product. Plus there's more:

  • custom stealth settings

  • custom status messages

  • animated sign-in and sign-out

  • group organization for contacts

  • new sound effects and visual notifications

  • alerts for Yahoo! Calendar, Mail and Personals

  • IM with friends that use Windows Live™ (MSN) Messenger (Yahoo!, MSN chat interop steps out)

AIM 4.7 for Macintosh
There hasn't been a major rev here in quite some time so there isn't much to report. Overall, AOL is a bit tardy out-the-gate on being able to journey on the frontiers in which the other messenger products are traveling. Yet there is news that AOL testing AIM Pro Professional Edition (PE) — highlighting the (supposed) urgency of corporations to have messenger solutions that influence collaboration and workgroup processes. Oh and lest we forget that the AIM API enables development of AIM plug-ins.

iChat AV 3
When Mac's OS gets an upgrade to Leopard, rumors flourish that VOIP willl be an added feature of iChat 4.0.

Google Talk
There's nothing really new on the Google Talk front, though speculation is heavy on Google VOIP. Google Caller ID Via Google Talk Coming Soon?

How will the messenger-meets-VOIP fray play out in the end and what will it mean for Skype? And where do players like Vonage and SunRocket fit in? Let's also not forget our friendly telephone and cable service providers that offer VOIP.

Who really knows.

For now I'm staying with Skype.

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