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07.30.05 04:50 PM

blog crushes, teen blogs, etc.

@ 10:15 sat in a feminist/political blogging group that got very heated about feminist issues and racial issues. lisa sabeter of culture kitchen was there as was marian of marian's blog and danah boyd of apohenia, among others

@ 11:15 i presented feminist hip-hop bloggers - and it was well attended to my surprise, there'll be more info at blogher about it as i had a sort of live blogging QA style interaction there. i tried to get it on the audiocorder but received a lot of feedback from the live mics in the room and from the feedback of latthana indharasophang of ponzi's schemes recording for the chris pirillo show. i'll have to get a copy of that for myself and for the blogher ladies.

click here to view the video of the feminist hip-hop blogging session
click here for the live blog and Q&A

lunch break: spent lunch with laina dawes, who was on a dope conference on black women writing about rock earlier this year at EMP pop conference and is on the go west session here with nichelle stephens

now i'm sitting in the teens & blogging conference (wanted to also attend: how to get naked - a panel about identity blogging, but the room is overflowed) led by Anastasia Goodstein of ypulse blogs. i've been getting ypulse entries by email for awhile now. there are teens sitting on the panel discussing privacy and whether their parents know they blog. danah boyd is also on the panel. teens do blog do be public, though some on livejournals have private posts and private blogs.

right now someone is asking the teens about years from now when they are job hunting, whether they worry about what future employers will find out about them. should they self-censor now? how much truth should they tell? is there a fear culture around what teenage girls can do and say?

teen support is a real issue. youth who have blogs who so signs of distress. in the case of livejournal, according to danah, when they are contacted about certain blogs they will try to hook these youth up with the right types of agencies and organizations that can help them.

the ypulse teen digital graffit blogger says that blogging is cool b/c of social networking and finding out more about others and yourself - blogging in a sense helps build identity. video blogging is cool. it's a world of clicks, you find others who have similar interests.

the panel ends...thunderous hand claps for the teens who participated.

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07.30.05 11:58 AM

the beginning of the beginning

one line entries about blogher (the list will get longer as the day progresses)...

1. It's interesting of the few men here, most are lining the walls and not sitting down

2. A men's bathroom has been converted into a women's bathroom (that rocks)

3. It sucks that I have to leave early, perhaps I should change my flight so I can stay for the after party (I am researching changing my flight now-damn it's too late)

4. Do women care about link status (visibility) ranking - women are not showing up on technorati - (80/20 rule - 80% of the blogging by 20% of the people) halley who is on the A-list says we shouldn't want to be on the list - halley also says women don't ask for links - there's a lot of debate going on about this topic of course (my thoughts later)...other thoughts is the technorati 100 the A list? women and men network differently?...if you want to play by the rules and care about these lists and networks, then you have to follow these rules says danah boyd

5. This is going really well. I am far more interested than I thought I'd be. Of course while we are here speaking about where are the women bloggers - the little bit of diversity in the room (black, asian, or otherwise) has me reminiscing blogging while black

6. Ok my mind shifted for a second as I was looking for someone in the audiences photoshop blog over at weblogs inc. what distracted me was the digital music blog - this is something i was thinking about doing ever since my digital music column got canned in Vibe Magazine

7. nile from technorati is here stating that nothing gets removed from technorati, b/c people are concerned about technorati censorship - mena trott says when networking women need not hate on those who are doing it - another voice from the crowd says start a blogher 100

it's 10:02 am time for a break

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07.30.05 11:43 AM

podcasting goes mainstream

i told you it would happen once apple started promoting it In One Strok, Podcasting Goes Mainstream NYTimes, July 28, 2005

also see previous post: podcasting growth, aol video + more

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07.30.05 06:02 AM

in santa clara

so i'm in santa clara to present a Room Of Your Own Session at blogher. i arrived in san fran at around midnight and drove in a pt cruiser down 101 to santa clara. the drive wasn't bad at all. though i was expecting a few other ladies to help me present feminist hip-hop blogging, it looks like i might be doing this solo. one expressed great interest, but i don't know if she made it here.

as always i planned a little late, and though the flight and car rental were in order, i had not booked a hotel room. luckily for me the holiday inn i hit as soon as i got off the 101 is only 2 minutes away from techmart.

as i said, i plan late. so i forgot my camera and/or handycam. but at least i have audiocorder on my powerbook, which i just realized i need to update, especially since i have tiger on here now. at least i can add to the blogher planned audiocasting. hopefully, there'll be someone in attendance for me to present to.

speaking of the presentation and my being late, i should get a little bit of sleep and plan what i'll actually be presenting. most of all i'm looking forward to meeting other female bloggers, since most of my blog friends are male, and i'm definitely looking forward to learning new things.

unfortunately, this is one of those short trips for me, as i'll be back on a flight to nyc even before this whole blogher con is over.

more to follow...

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07.28.05 12:23 AM

goodbye ugly spam

as most of us bloggers know, and especially we using MT, comment and trackback spam can be a crucial beyotch

well i am proud to say no more - and i'm one who keeps all of my entries open indefinitely

i've been using blacklist for awhile now, even before using MT and the introduction of MT blacklist and it worked pretty well but now with spamlookup i am completely overjoyed - i rarely even see the spam or have to go through it myself to clear it out - it kills spam dead and has been working greatly

so if you're still battling with unwanted spam, perhaps you should consider installing one or even both of these plugins

check out brad choate's spamlookup here
and the ever faithful jay allen's MT blacklist

but what we're all most excited about, of course, is the coming of moveable type 3.2

i was about to upgrade to 3.16 or even 3.17, but as 3.2 is in beta, I think I'll wait (donald are you ready?)

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07.27.05 08:53 PM

stop lying

it really burns me up when people start picking on celebrities and musical artists, case in point - why is it that everyone wants every female singer to have made a sex tape

the latest scandal is this link that's going around to a video that claims it's the ashanti sex tape - i don't even believe it for one second

besides it doesn't even look like her - y'all decide

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07.27.05 05:13 PM

with friends like these...

living in new york has its advantages

you meet a lot of really interesting people, and every now and then you get to hang out with a few

attending the vip party for ski trip the movie, brought me into contact with oodles of folks I hadn't seen in a minute - I won't name all the names, b/c that's not the point of this post, but it was good to catch up with a lot of folks and I had such a good time that

unfortunately, i missed the b-day bbq that john invited me to, which i'm sure would have been a blast - i have never met such a thug and geek all rolled into one in my life b4 as he - but i love him still

going to have to catch him on the rebound on that one - perhaps with a little bit of banana rum we can make amends

i wasn't even going to post about missing john's joint or the ski trip adventure, but seeing adario strange's photo in a new york post article about his directing the documentary the nyu suicides got me reminiscing about days of yore

u know those days of the great black technogeeks, technophreaks, and technoevangelists?

the john lees, omar wasows, art mcgees, adario stranges, paul d millers (aka dj spookys), et. al

i know the list goes on
and i know they are still out there doing many other things

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07.27.05 01:44 AM

ether part II

once again it's on...

riding in the car listening to miss info on hot 97 w/the final details about nas finally responding to 50's dis. she quoted some of nas' gospel, and i immediately hit her on the sidekick. lo and behold, i got a response, and a link to the media player over at (whoever woulda thunk that these people answer their own email - then again, maybe using the ol' corporate email didn't hurt either.)

click here to listen to nas "mc burial" on hiphopgame - the real 50 cent dis. it's so ugly right now.

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07.20.05 03:05 PM

7.20.2005 new music

check out roy ayers virgin ubiquity II / sample track: I Like The Way You Do It To Me

check out jean grae hurricane jean/ sample track:A Way With Words

Extra: Commentary - Hip-Hop Daddy
News & Notes with Ed Gordon, July 20, 2005 ∑ Commentator Mark Anthony Neal wrestles over whether to listen to the hip hop he loves in the company of his young daughters. Neal is an associate professor with the Department of African and African American Studies at Duke University and author of The New Black Man: Rethinking Black Masculinity. / listen

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07.19.05 12:37 PM

the daily web...

News Corp. Acquires MySpace, $580 Million Deal + Hoping To Find Its Place In Cyberspace, News Corp. Acquires MySpace

Universal Continues to Push Music Video Licensing

Hispanics adopting broadband at an-above-rate

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07.14.05 04:39 PM

lauryn's back

Not only has Ms. Hill performed at the Vibe Musicfest, as reported by kevin.daily, but then she regrouped with the Fugees to offer a stellar performance as the opening act for the BET Awards. Well it appears she's really on the path back to her stardom, all critics rants aside. Check her out on the cover of the Black Girls Rule Issue of Trace. It's not up on the website yet, but it's certainly on stands. And SOHH has the report.

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07.14.05 12:51 PM

featured blog post: Lesbians: The New Niggers

Mak (aka big sexy) post @ duns from May 15:

Iíve been thinking about this issue for quite some time now. Ever since Ellen Degeneres started her talk show. I noticed how she quickly adopted what has become a staple in black television shows since the Cosby show two decades ago. The Intro Dance Number. Dancing the ďJigĒ has a long and storied history amongst black folks in America as the white slave masters saw little use for Niggers other than cheap labor, living and breathing sex dolls and entertainment. Dance, which at its central core is an expression of freedom and joy, becomes something else entirely when because of circumstance one is forced to do so. Whether a slave dances on command to entertain his masterís party guests or a woman dances to let the public see her as light-fare and in as non-threatening a light as possible, a Jig is a Jig.continue reading

I highlight this piece, not only b/c Mak brought it to my attention, but also b/c I feel this is an interesting topic (and especially title) and there are a lot of places he could have gone with this.

You decide.

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07.13.05 04:34 PM

ray cash- sex appeal


Up-and-coming Columbia Recording Artist
Ray Cash - Sex Appeal (Pimp In My Own Mind) listen | watch QT|Real

I don't make 'em I just name 'em

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07.08.05 04:50 PM

the road to blogher

Still on the schedule and still planning to attend and to lead this session:

Feminist hip-hop bloggers: Negotiating a space dominated by men - much like the music.

I've got three ladies who'd love to go on the road with me.

Julianne Shepherd

Rachel Ramist

Miranda Jane

Only problem is - we need a little funding as blogher is a non-profit event and doesn't cover cost. I can get my company to back me no problem, but these other ladies are freelance writers, filmmakers, graduate students and a sponsor would help us out quite a bit. blogher can cover conference fees for those who volunteer to live blog and receive a bloghership, but I suppose there is still the matter of travel and lodging costs.

If you have any information that can help us make this session a reality - with more voices other than just my own, please send me an email.

Previous posts on blogher:
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07.08.05 04:11 PM

podcasting growth, aol video + more

From econtent Magazine: Podcasting Users to Reach 60 Million, Survey Says

According to new forecasts from The Diffusion Group, a consumer technology research consultancy, demand for time-shifted digital audio files or "podcasts" is expected to grow from less than 15% of portable digital music player owners in 2004 to 75% by 2010. TDG's new report, Podcasting: Fact, Fiction and Opportunity, suggests that between 2004 and 2010, the use of podcasting among US consumers will enjoy a compound annual growth rate of 101%. These claims are reflected by recent commercial podcasting activity. ABC and NBC (along with MSNBC and CNBC) are using podcasting to offer recorded newscasts via online downloads. National Public Radio, Infinity Broadcasting, and even Clear Channel Radio have teed up a number of popular radio programs for podcasting. Even Business Week created a special audio blog to accompany its recent analysis of the podcasting phenomenon.



AOL's Video Search

imedia Connection reports: America Online, Inc. announced the launch of AOL Video Search, which enables AOL subscribers and non-AOL members to search online video content. AOL says the new search initiative will be ad-supported.


the future of RSS Feeds and advertising as reported by Ken over at 925 M

RSS the Future

Itís been rumored for a while that Microsoft was doing something with RSS. This weekend Microsoftís IE team leader Dean Hachamovitch confirmed it at the Gnomedex technology conference in Seattle, and detailed how it was integrated with Longhorn and IE7.

...RSSís integration into Windows Longhorn and Internet Explorer 7 promises to bring RSS to everyone else. I could easily see RSS replacing bulk email as the standard distribution medium for newsletters and publications. RSS is also the technology that automatically delivers your podcast. And, as bandwidth across the country continues to increase, I can see it delivering regular video content as well.

...RSS, it seems, is poised to replace email as the mass distribution medium of choice. Google recently started experimenting with RSS advertising through its AdSense network, and there are dedicated RSS advertisers like Pheedo, who serve context-based ads. These kidsíve got the gift, but it seems as if theyíre waiting for somethingÖ

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07.08.05 01:05 PM

on the rize

Last week I checked out David Lachapelle's Rize. Cinematography was excellent. And the story about how the whole movement of "clowning" and "krumping" got started in LA was very intriguing. There was even a spiritual element there. I especially admired that Lachapelle went back to the source and paralleled the dancers with an African tribe. I'd definitely see this movie again - it was no City Of God, but at the same time it was quite similar.

The only reason I'm talking about this movie now, is b/c last night, when I saw Be Cool for the first time, I noticed that I saw Lil C and Tight Eyez dancing with that Christina Milian chick at the end of the movie.

Aight, I'm out, just writing this is boring me...

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07.06.05 08:12 PM

i'm supposed to be on hiatus

but i just wanted to share the first 10 random tracks on the itunes today...


This is kind of in reverse order but it started with Tye Tribbet & G.A. "No Way (GA chant)" and by the time I got to 10 I was at R. Kelly "Ladies Night"

There's got to be a lesson in there for me somewhere

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07.06.05 12:29 PM

iPods don't kill ... people do

ronn taylor reports that steve jobs called the family of the teen who was killed last week in Brooklyn during a fight over an iPod

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07.05.05 07:22 PM

AOL Free email

Has anyone noticed lately that AOL is offering free email accounts @ and to AIM users with screen names?

Since the walls came down there's a lot of action happening over there, making them a real competitor for all of the other online networks that have always had free-for-all content.

Things should get pretty interesting - very soon.

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