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06.28.05 03:38 PM

Apple rolls out podcast relationship

Stealth. No announcement, just here, in your face.

I had heard about it in board rooms last week, but this morning, upon firing up the ol' iTunes to import Raheem DeVaughn "The Love Experience," Fannypack "See You Next Tuesday," and Billy Corgan "The Future Embrace," I noticed there was an update for iTunes.

Along with your playlists nav exists a podcast icon as a menu item for importing and storing streams.

If you've been to the Music Store today, you've seen it too. Podcasting is front and center. Apple is embracing the fact that podcasts exist. Not too long b4 a rev model is attached to this new relationship, huh?

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06.20.05 01:41 PM

Blog for MSN

MSN is hiring freelance contributing editors to moderate, write and produce blogs in five topic areas: television, music, technology, sports and fashion/food/style.

Contributing editors will be responsible for:

*Writing and producing five-10 daily posts for their blog, drawing material from user submissions, the MSN network and the wider Web

*Reviewing user e-mail submissions and turning the best of them into posts on the blog

*Monitoring blog comments and feedback

You must be passionate about your subject area; familiar with the tools and trends in blogging; a natural writer with an inviting, engaging style; and attuned to the broad interests of MSN’s huge audience.

Send us five sample posts written over the course of a single day. In addition to the posts (which should reflect a variety of source links), in a paragraph or so, explain why you selected those items and how they reflect your vision for this project. Please include a list of sites you scanned to find your material and other favorite sites and blogs. Attach a résumé or short note to tell us what you’re doing now and what you’ve done in the recent past. And finally, in the subject heading of the mail specify which blog you’re applying for.

We estimate this project will require approximately 15 hours’ work per week.
Contact John Flinn
Email Address
Address One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052 USA

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06.17.05 12:40 PM

retirement ain't eazzzzy

I know I said I was on hiatus, but when I turn on the radio and hear Jay-Z on all these tracks: he's on Memph Bleek, he's on Foxy, he's on a Mike Jones remix, and you know he had to get down with your boy Kanyezy

click to listen to the diamonds remix

  1. listen to kanye's verse - too controversial for tv/radio?
  2. do we really need both lil wayne and kanye metering their lines like jay-z does?
  3. are we ready for jay-z to make another album?

in addition, i just had to tell you that i purchased bloc party's silent alarm yesterday over at itunes along with kem's album II - see i'll spend money on music if it's worth it

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06.09.05 12:27 AM

four years and running

so july 1, 2005 marks the fourth year that i've been doing this journaling/blogging thing (check the archives for reference). that was back when the site had a much different look and i was hand coding everything. nowadays, i often feel that i'm running out of ways to come correct when so many new peeps are stepping into the game and really turning out some dynamic online - diary/journals/blogs.

the personal life is probably even more hectic than it's ever been in these four years past. but this is not a good-bye, but instead a break. a little break until i can achieve some of the things i want to achieve career and personal wise, until i can upgrade MT, until i can get my design a little updated, and until i can think of new things to talk about in this space.

for those who have been around - you know it's been customary that as soon as i make this type of announcement, i'd turn around in a week and be back at it again - sometimes even days later. but nah, for real this time. i want to do this thing, when i can really do it right. so at least give me a couple of weeks. but don't delete from your blog rolls and news readers just yet, 'cuz you just never know when i might return.

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06.03.05 02:50 AM

The Wonderful Musical Baton

...was passed to me by Elisa Camahort, and I'm answering the call

Total volume of music files on my computer:

9.04 GB of music in my Library. There's another 4.60 GB on the iPod that isn't synched with the iTunes. That's 2304 songs on iTunes and 1097 songs on the iPod, which should enable me to shuffle for 6.1 days + 3.1 days and never hear the same song twice.

Last CD I bought was…

Hmm...I don't really purchase CDs since I get a lot for review purposes and most of my purchasing comes from the iTunes music store. A peek in my purchased music list shows that I last bought 2 singles on 4.9.05 and they were Mike Jones' "Still Tippin'" and Amerie's "1 Thing". (And I did go to the iTunes store this week and think long and hard about purchasing Kem's album.) In terms of physical CDs, I last donated money toward 2 mixed CDs. They were DJ Jay Faire - Top 20 Reggae #4 and Cash Money Mixed by Scrachy D - Reggae Mix 2K5 Pt. 2.

Song playing right now:

"Black Wonders Of The World" - Billy Paul

Five songs I listen to a lot these days:

(Let me preface this by saying nowadays I tend to listen to a lot of Sirius at home, and mixed CDs and other stuff people send me to check out at work. But if I have to choose, then...)

1. Dirty Harry by Gorillaz
2. Welcome To Jamrock by Damian Jr. Gong Marley
3. Go by Common
4. So Seductive by Tony Yayo & 50 Cent
5. The Hearts' A Lonely Hunter by Theievery Corporation

This is not part of the meme, but I'd also like to add as a bonus track Kanye West's Diamonds, which prompted me to find an MP3 of the original Shirly Bassey Diamonds Are Forever James Bond Theme. Both make for great listening.

And the baton moves to…
del f cowie
harold m. clemens
michaelangelo matos
ray garraud
cinque hicks

(Now I'm not telling these folks I'm calling them out, let's just see if they take up the charge. Two I met at the EMP Pop conference, and they had provided some link love prior to that. Another two have me on their blogrolls, and another one may not even know I exist. What I'm trying to do here is get to know more about the music that the people behind the blogs I read listen to. I already know what all of my blogfam listens to - so that's why I haven't passed the baton to any of my usual suspects. Yet that doesn't preclude them from giving the meme a try.)

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06.02.05 06:46 PM

IM spam sucks

If we all thought e-mail and blog spam were a pain in the ass, then we're going to be far more pissed off contending with IM spam. I hadn't even thought about the possibilities of IM spam, at least not until yesterday.

I'm hooked up to fire as usual, so I can chat with folks on MSN, Yahoo, and AIM simultaneously and out of no where I get this IM saying "yo, this picture looks a lot like you" with a url link followin. Since the IM comes from someone I trust, I check it out. What a mistake. It was some weird site I'd never seen, or care to see again.

So I IM the buddy and say do you know your IM is spamming. And she did, but didn't understand it. She better ask IT to help her out. Today her account not only sent me one message, but it rapid-fired me these wacked out spam messages.

For my own personal reasons though, it's really important that I be aware that IM spam is becoming far more prevalent.

Back in Feb, a New York teen was arrested for sending spam messages across IM networks. He "created thousands of fraudulent instant messaging accounts on to bombard its users with junk IM messages." Yeah, ok, myspace users, but can it happen to your average MSN or AIM user? I already told you it happened to me.

But if you need further proof, check out eweek's report about IM rapidly becoming the new frontier for both worms and viruses. I suppose it's time to get that firewall configured properly at home, and to stop sharing files over the ol' IM.

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